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Method123 Ltd

November 08, 2010 11:15 ET

Method123 Announces the Release of Their Newest Risk Management Tool-the Risk Register Template

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Nov. 8, 2010) - Project management software industry leader Method123 is pleased to announce today the release of their latest project management template – the Risk Register.

The Risk Register is the ongoing oversight piece of the Risk Management strategy. By setting up a risk management process as part of your overall Project Management Methodology, you're working to stay in front of risks on your projects and in your organization. The next thing you need is the Risk Register to keep those risks in front of your project manager and team as they work with the customer on a successful project implementation.

"The Risk Register is basically the risk list – it's what the project manager and team must review every week with the customer to ensure that they stay on top of the potential risks," states CEO and president of Method123 Ltd., Jason Westland. "If you put your risk list in a drawer and hide it away then you've not accomplished anything with your risk management efforts. All the project planning will be for not. Our Risk Register gives you the tool to review and monitor risks continually on your project."

The Risk Register will allow the project manager and team to:

  • Document all potential risks that have been identified
  • Identify the probability that the risk event will occur
  • Prioritize risk based on it's potential project and business impact
  • Identify steps to take to avoid the risk
  • Identify steps to take to mitigate the risk should the event actually occur
  • Maintain a current status of all identified risks for the project

Every one of Method123's fifty-plus Project Management Templates contained in their flagship Project Management Kit product offering contains helpful tips and hints. Also included are detailed instructions that will guide project managers and team members through the process of completing critical project documents.

"Documents, forms, and plans that are difficult and very time consuming to complete may get omitted in the Project Planning and that's not good," says Westland. "These are important documents for setting up your project infrastructure and for giving your customer confidence in your overall project organization. Our templates make creating these tedious documents much easier. Having them in place can make the difference in the success of your projects."

Method123's Project Management Kit has sold more than 1 million units worldwide, making it one of the most utilized Online Project Management tools in the industry. Project managers everywhere are benefiting from the years of experience that went into creating these very helpful and full featured templates.

"We understand that our most important task is to make project management easier," says Jason. "We feel like we're accomplishing that based on the popularity of our kit and the feedback we're getting from users around the globe."

Method123's Risk Register is available for purchase and download separately or as part of the Project Management Kit product. For more information on all of the templates offered by Method123, please visit their website at

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