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Method123 Ltd

October 11, 2010 12:29 ET

Method123 Announces the Release of Their Issue Management Process Template

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 11, 2010) - Method123 announced today the release of their new Issue Management Process template as part of their Project Management Kit software product.

Having an issue management process in place as part of your company's Project Management Methodology is critical. Projects will experience issues off and on throughout the Project Planning and project execution process. If you have a process already in place to identify, document, and react to these project issues, then you can greatly minimize their effect on the overall project costs and timeline.

"Issues, like risks, are a given on projects," states Jason Westland, CEO and co-founder of Method123 Ltd. "Having your team ready to respond to project issues as they arise is key to the forward progress on your project. You can't just 'wing it' if you want to ensure project success. Knowing the steps to take to deal with project issues and having everyone on the project on the same page is invaluable."

An Issue Management Process – also known simply as an Issue Process in some organizations – is basically a set of processes and procedures laying out how organizations and project teams will document, track, and respond to project issues. Consistency is important because your customer will want to see that you have an organized process for tracking and dealing with project issues. If you're shooting from the hip on project issues, you can lose customer confidence – and customer satisfaction – fast.

With Method123's Issue Management Process, the project manager and project team can:

  • Clearly document project issues using Issue Forms
  • Analyze issues and document their impact on the project
  • Assign priority to issues
  • Create reports on issue tracking and status
  • Document courses of action for resolving project issues
  • Assign responsibility for issue resolution
  • Monitor all issues across the project

"Project success may hinge on how quickly your team can respond to project issues – especially critical ones," says Westland. "If you want to avoid panic reactions to project issues, the best course of action is to have a process in place. And you would be well served to have our Issue Management Process in place as your preferred course of action on issue management and resolution."

Method123 has become an industry leader in the Project Management Software marketplace. Their Project Management Kit product boasts over fifty leading Project Management Templates that can help your project managers produce necessary project documentation as well as track and stay in control of project status, issues, risks, budget, timeline, etc. With over 1 million units of the kit sold so far worldwide, it's clear that their product is helping project managers everywhere gain a better hold on their engagements with their customers.

All of Method123's templates come complete with helpful tips and hints as well as detailed instructions on completing the plans, forms, and documents. Even the most inexperienced project manager will be able to produce professional looking and relevant project documentation and deliverables.

For more information on the Issue Management Process or the Project Management Kit, please visit Method123's website at

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