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Method123 Ltd

October 05, 2010 11:15 ET

Method123 Announces the Release of Their New Expense Register Template

LA HABRA, CALIFORNIA--(Marketwire - Oct. 5, 2010) - Project management software industry leader Method123 announced today that they have just released their newest template – the Expense Register. This template brings the count to over fifty tools included in Method123's Project Management Kit product offering. With more than 1 million units of the kit sold worldwide, Method123 has become a powerful force in the Project Management Template community.

"With our newest release of this Expense Register template, we're putting even more critical Project Planning tools into the hands of overworked and underappreciated project managers around the world," states Method123 CEO and co-founder Jason Westland. "A project manager's job is hard enough and we here at Method123 understand that. That's why we've put all of our experience and knowledge into creating meaningful and usable templates for the project manager and his team."

An Expense Register is a simple, but important tool in a company's Project Management Methodology that can be used by project personnel to track their expenses against the project. The information can then be manipulated and utilized to give the Project Manager a nice view of project expenses that are or will be going against his project budget. With this tool, keeping the project budget in check is much easier.

With the Expense Register, the project manager and their team will be able to:

  • Track project expenses including origin, date, and reason
  • Track expenses back to their actual project task association
  • Keep track of expense approvals
  • Track purchase and payment information for all project expenses

"The idea of the Expense Register is that it helps the project manager keep a close tab on every single expense that hits the project," says Westland. "This is especially important when your project budget is either tight, small, or worse yet … both. With this tool, the project manager will see every expense, he can plan for it coming, and monitor his project budget every step along the way. On some projects, if you don't manage the budget at the most minute level, you can lose control and run over budget."

Every template in Method123's Project Management Kit is full of helpful hints and tips and the Expense Register is no exception. Detailed instructions are included to help the project manager and team correctly complete their project expense information. As with all of their templates, Method123 has even included pre-completed sections to make filling in the right information easy and thus eliminating much of the guess work.

"When it comes to completing some of the extra details on the project, we here at Method123 strive to make it as easy as possible for the project manager and team members," says Westland. "We put all of our experience and knowledge into making these templates both user-friendly and full featured to get the job done as efficiently as possible."

The Expense Register can be purchased separately or as part of the overall Project Management Kit offering. You can purchase and download individual templates and the full kit at Method123's website. For more information, visit

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