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September 19, 2007 15:43 ET

Metrico Wireless Expands National Mobile Device Testing Lab

Newly Expanded Facilities Provide One-Stop Analysis of the Performance Quality of Voice, Data and Other Applications Supported by Wireless Devices and Accessories

FREDERICK, MD--(Marketwire - September 19, 2007) - Metrico Wireless Inc., a provider of performance measurement solutions for the wireless industry, today revealed that it has expanded its national lab testing facilities. Metrico uses these facilities to conduct comprehensive tests of more than 100 different types of wireless devices each year for its wireless manufacturer and carrier customers, which include key players such as AT&T, T-Mobile, Samsung, and Research in Motion.

The expanded lab, which is six times larger than the previous lab facilities, is part of Metrico's 6,000 square foot corporate headquarters in Frederick, Md., which the company moved into last May.

In its new lab facilities, Metrico Wireless continues to set new standards for wireless device testing. For instance, the company uses a unique testing approach that involves analyzing audio quality using a special, synthesized speech pattern representative of a multi-lingual environment. This audio pattern also mimics both male and female voice pitches.

Key performance tests are conducted using standard anthropomorphic model (SAM) dummies -- the yellow dummy heads are filled with a fluid that has similar properties to the fluid inside the human skill, giving them comparable radio adsorption characteristics to the human head. This ensures that the tests produce the same antenna radiation patterns as human heads, a factor that can affect signal quality and call performance. For other tests, Metrico uses human-like dummies with $20,000 ears and $10,000 throats that have typical human auditory and vocal characteristics.

In addition to its voice quality testing, Metrico's comprehensive testing program also analyzes key data quality metrics such as data throughput for various protocols that support numerous data and multimedia services. In the last year alone, Metrico has conducted more than 2,000 lab and field test scenarios for its customers analyzing services that range from video and mobile web-browsing to voice.

The testing program supports the full spectrum of wireless technologies, including GSM, CDMA, UMTS, WiMAX and UMA, and can be used to analyze any type of wireless device, ranging from basic phones to laptops that incorporate wireless capabilities. In addition to its main customer base of manufacturers and carriers, Metrico also works with certain chipset manufacturers to test the performance of wireless device components prior to their commercial release.

In its lab, Metrico also has an innovative way of testing a wireless device's ability to isolate or cancel noise -- this approach can also test the effectiveness of the noise cancellation circuitry of accessories such as Bluetooth headsets. Metrico's accessory testing program helps carriers and manufacturers ensure that accessories don't adversely affect the performance of their devices, which results in an increased number of calls to customer care and higher operational costs for wireless carriers as well as a negative experience for customers.

In addition to the lab testing, Metrico conducts extensive field testing for its customers.

"An increasing number of manufacturers and service providers across the globe are turning to Metrico Wireless to objectively analyze the performance of their wireless devices. In fact, our business has doubled in size in the past year alone," said Dimitrios Topaltzas, founder and president of Metrico Wireless. "By ensuring that wireless devices meet customer expectations for sound quality, download speeds and other key features -- before they become available to customers -- we help wireless manufacturers and carriers not only improve customer satisfaction but also reduce costs."

Metrico's expanded lab facility is located at 7340 Executive Way, Suite U, Frederick, MD 21704.

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