March 21, 2008 13:55 ET

Metro Board Chair Takes to Air Waves to Engage Public in Discussing Long-Range Traffic Solutions

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - March 21, 2008) - In an unprecedented move, Metro Board Chair Pam O'Connor will take to the air waves Thursday night, March 27, to promote live public discussion of the mobility future for Los Angeles County and how to pay for traffic relief.

O'Connor will take live calls from viewers between 8 p.m. and 9 p.m. on a public access cable television show broadcast live on both City of Los Angeles Channel 36 and CityTV Channel 16 in Santa Monica. During the broadcast, call-in numbers will be posted.

The show will have three segments: first, a focus on traffic in Los Angeles County and Metro's draft Long Range Transportation Plan that proposes dozens of new highway and public transit projects to handle the county's projected population growth of 2.4 million more people by the year 2030. The second segment will address how to pay for traffic relief, and the third segment will look at traffic and the environment. Viewers are encouraged to ask O'Connor about any of these issues and share their opinions.

The show is being aired now because Metro is reaching out to the public to get feedback on its draft Long Range Transportation Plan. Seven community meetings are scheduled to discuss the plan through April with the Metro Board scheduled to consider adoption in June. For more information, go to

Editors Note: Metro is the official name of the Los Angeles County Metropolitan Transportation Authority as adopted by the Metro Board of Directors in December 2004. To be consistent, we ask that "Metro" be used when referring to this agency. We ask for your cooperation in updating your style guides. If you need to update your files with the current Metro logo, please call Metro Media Relations at 213-922-2700.

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