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November 20, 2013 05:00 ET

METRO2C Alliance Adds Internet Exchanges in the UK & Ireland

Strategic telecoms alliance promotes an efficient Internet ecosystem

DUBLIN, IRELAND--(Marketwired - Nov. 20, 2013) - The METRO2C Alliance, a collaboration of Europe's leading connectivity providers, data centre operators and Internet Exchanges founded by Sea Fibre Networks, today added LINX, IX Manchester, IX Scotland, INEX and CNIX to the METRO2C ecosystem.

Internet Exchanges are critical elements of the Internet, allowing telecommunications carriers, Internet service providers and content providers to exchange IP traffic with one another more efficiently, lowering costs and improving the quality of online services in their regions. The agreement to exchange IP traffic is known as peering and can take place locally or internationally between two regions across submarine and terrestrial networks. The METRO2C Alliance recognises the essential role Internet Exchanges play for carriers and enterprises alike and has added the following Exchanges to the METRO2C interactive map:

LINX (London Internet Exchange): With over 1.789TB of peak traffic and over 480 members collectively carrying the overwhelming majority of UK Internet traffic, LINX is the largest membership organisation for Internet service providers and content delivery service providers in the UK and Ireland.

IX Manchester: IX Manchester is a peering local area network (LAN) based in the north west of England. Responding to demands from members, LINX launched its first regional exchange in the digital hub of Manchester in 2012.

IX Scotland: The new IX Scotland Exchange, developed by LINX, went live at the beginning of November 2013, bringing richer, faster experience for users of online tools and applications that is much needed in the area.

Ben Hedges, LINX said: "The METRO2C Alliance website is a great resource for networks wanting to better understand how LINX's UK Internet Exchange Points can be reached and we are pleased to be working with them to promote LINX in London as well as IXManchester and IXScotland."

INEX (Internet Neutral Exchange, Dublin, Ireland): INEX is a neutral, industry-owned association providing high-speed, reliable and resilient IP traffic exchange facilities on the island of Ireland. With over 95% of 'eyballs' on the island connected to the exchange via their provider and many of the largest national and international content providers peering at the exchange, it's enhancing the delivery of IP traffic for all its members. INEX has PoPs at five exchanges in the greater Dublin area and currently has 77 members.

Eileen Gallagher, Head of Marketing at INEX said, "Developing a central database of the various options available to network owners is a positive idea and we are delighted to add INEX to this resource. For those with IP traffic, we are keen for them to see INEX as a good option for peering and being on the METRO2C Alliance's webpage is one way of raising our profile to ensure that happens."

CNIX (Cork Neutral Exchange Association Limited, Ireland): CNIX supports the Irish economy by delivering and expanding local infrastructure to enable higher capacity, lower latency and lower cost data transfer to homes and businesses in the Munster region - home to tech giants such as Apple, EMC and VMWare.

Jerry Sweeney, Director of CNIX said: "I am delighted to announce CNIX's involvement in the METRO2C Alliance. We believe that connectivity providers, data centres and Internet exchanges must work together to deliver the content that is now generating more bandwidth than ever."

Diane Hodnett, CEO of the Alliances' founding member, Sea Fibre Networks, said: "The UK and Ireland have a world class digital environment for attracting and supporting the European Headquarters of large tech companies such as Google, Microsoft and Facebook. The METRO2C Alliance aims to promote critical infrastructures (data networks, data centres and Internet Exchanges) that are critical for the continuity of the digital economy."

About The METRO2C Alliance

Founded by Sea Fibre Networks, the METRO2C Alliance is the collaboration of Europe's leading connectivity providers, data centre operators and Internet exchanges providing best-in-class communication solutions connecting Ireland, the United Kingdom, France, the Netherlands and Germany. The METRO2C Alliance is carrier-neutral facilitating collaboration amongst members, providing enterprises with premier high capacity connectivity solutions matching bespoke requirements such as diverse routing, low latency, scalability and modern technology with very competitive cost efficiencies.

Members of the METRO2C Alliance include:

1. Connectivity Providers: experienced in the design, delivery and management of tier 1 and tier 2 networks, with a proven track record in dealing with global enterprise and carrier customers. Product offerings include dark fibre and managed services.

2. Data Centre Operators: Europe's leading Data Centre Service Providers crucial to the growth of the digital economy, providing services from data storage, disaster recovery and cloud computing.

3. Internet Exchanges as reference members: Europe's leading Internet Exchanges dedicated to reducing costs and increasing the efficiency of the telecoms industry.

Visit the METRO2C website today for more information. Announcing following routes soon: Munich, Zurich, Brussels, Hamburg, Copenhagen and Stockholm. To enquire about an enterprise solution, please use our Solution Generator feature. For becoming a member of the METRO2C Alliance, please contact us here.

About Sea Fibre Networks

Sea Fibre Networks is a carrier neutral, sub-sea telecoms provider. The company is owner and operator of CeltixConnect, Europe's most advanced sub-sea telecoms network. Sea Fibre Networks delivers the innovation and flexibility businesses need to stay ahead in the market place. It provides network solutions tailored to specific needs with the most efficient service. All products are supported by industry leading Service Level Agreements (SLA's). These are further enhanced with proactive management and monitoring of the sub-sea cable system.

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