August 23, 2005 08:00 ET

MFORMA Takes You Back With New Mobile Game -- California Games -- Now Launching in U.S. and Europe

Soak Up the California Sun in This New Version of an Old Classic

BELLEVUE, WA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 23, 2005 -- MFORMA Group, Inc., the leading global publisher and distributor of mobile entertainment, has released "California Games," a retro collection of fun, summer beach games to play on your mobile phone, based on the EPYX smash hit console game of the '80s. The original California Games introduced the "extreme games" genre and was named one of the 50 greatest video games of all time. MFORMA's mobile version of California Games captures and rekindles the original excitement and takes you back to the days when nothing was more important than getting air on the half-pipe or shredding waves in the California surf.

According to GamesRadar, a leading game review site, California Games is "a bodacious homage to EPYX's classic beach-bum Olympics and a superb game in its own right. Well worthy of some California gold."

"California Games is like X-games in the sun," said Daniel Kranzler, MFORMA CEO. "Retro gamers will love how it captures the spirit of the original and new gamers will love playing an entire collection of extreme games all in one place. Everyone will love the truly first-rate graphics and rousing action of this modern day re-creation of the classic '80s video game."

In California Games you can play in six completely different events: half-pipe skateboarding, surfing, BMX bike racing, rollerblading, footbag, and flying disc. The breathtaking graphics depict not only the brilliant blue surf and sky and the glowing sand and sun, but also the beautiful California girls in a way that puts you right in the moment. You can challenge yourself or up to eight other players as you compete to take home the winning trophy and you can see your name on the leaderboard as you set new world records. Create your own competition by competing in all the events, or just your favorites. You can also create your own identity and even choose a sponsor.

EPYX™ and California Games™ have been exclusively licensed for mobile from Ironstone Partners Ltd and is the third title created by MFORMA based on the EPYX brand. According to Paul Gouge, CEO of Ironstone, "It's great to be able to enjoy California Games on my mobile handset. Our partner, MFORMA, has created an excellent title and we are looking forward to continuing our relationship with them and building the EPYX brand in mobile."

California Games Individual Events

Half-pipe skateboarding

Ride the board back and forth and perfect your timing and execution. You've got three chances to build up speed and execute your stunts.

Foot Bag

Keep the bag up in the air until the timer runs out without using your hands. Success is all in the timing.


Stay near the curl of the wave and maneuver your board at high speeds. Ride the face of the wave and move in and out of the tube, using as much of the wave as you can.


Perform as many stunts as you can and complete the course in the best possible time. Make sure to avoid cracks in the sidewalk as well as sand, grass, puddles of water and the shoes someone left behind. You'll have to duck to miss the flying beach balls and jump over missing pieces of sidewalk.

BMX Bike Racing

Cover the course in the fastest possible time while popping wheelies and jumping over obstacles. Be the fastest daredevil and win the event. Perfect your timing and increase your endurance as you maneuver through jumps, bumps and dips.

Flying Disc

Throw the disc accurately to the catcher at the other end of the field. You'll score points for distance thrown and extra points for difficult catches.

California Games will be available worldwide beginning this month through the major wireless operators. Check out screenshots and gameplay footage as well as availability for your handset at

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