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June 23, 2009 09:00 ET

Miami Subs Pizza & Grill Proprietary "One Number, All Locations" Order Processing System for Home and Office Delivery a Major Success

Company Says Sales During a Five-Month, 25-Store Test Report 20 Percent Increases Month-to-Month in the Delivery Segment

FT. LAUDERDALE, FL--(Marketwire - June 23, 2009) - Miami Subs Pizza & Grill, the originator of the fast casual restaurant concept, today announced that its proprietary "One Number, All Locations" order processing system for home and office delivery has been a major success. The Company said that a five-month, 25-store test on delivery has shown average increases of sales of up to 20 percent per delivery store with about 15 percent atributed directly to the delivery program.

The unique program was launched concurrently in January 2009 with the introduction of its line of Signature Pizzas. Delivery offers customers the convenience of ordering virtually every menu item the chain has to offer including chicken wings, fresh salads, burgers, subs, gyros, seafood, pitas, deserts, & their world famous Philly cheese steaks.

"While the numerical aspect of a single number being utilized for multiple locations is not unique in itself, Miami Subs Pizza & Grill has built a memorable twist into their telephone number -- Jingle Bells," said Fraser Austin, the Company's chief creative officer. "Just sing the Miami Subs Pizza & Grill Delivery toll-free number: '888' '888' '36' '08' to the tune of Jingle Bells and that's all you need to remember, one number to call to order it all, call anytime you're hungry, we're open late," he added.

"Personally I don't know a single person who has not remembered our phone number after singing it," Austin continued. "The real benefit of our 'One Number, All Locations' system is that customers never have to go digging for a store telephone number no matter where they live in North America or what Miami Subs Pizza & Grill location they are calling."

Austin said those who prefer to do their ordering online can just go to and click on the online ordering link and they will receive the same prompt service.

"What sets this system apart from a typical delivery system is utilizing a domestic-based call center to take delivery orders so our in-store crew can be attentive to customers without the distraction of having to answer a phone," Austin said. "Customers calling for home or office delivery will speak to trained, courteous telephone order takers whose only focus is to assist and satisfy that particular customer and all of their needs at that moment."

According to Austin the system was designed to measure distances from a customer's home or office to the location closest to them and through "geo mapping" and real-time traffic data the Company has set maximum drive times of 13 minutes during rush hour. Orders received either by phone or online are automatically processed and sent to the appropriate stores point-of-sale (POS) system, the kitchen monitor and printer. Customers also receive an immediate email confirmation of their order.

"With our policy of '15 minutes out the door' for food preparation and the estimated 13 minute drive time we can safely process an order and have it at the customer's door within 35 minutes from the time of order which is a satisfactory delivery time," Austin said. "By successfully implementing this new delivery day part, Miami Subs Pizza & Grill has inaugurated a new dimension in customer service and 'brand availability,' which accounts for a dramatic increase in customer awareness. From the inception of delivery we have not seen any cannibalization of existing store sales and we are seeing delivery check averages that are triple our in-store check averages."

Austin said that based on the success of the program they will expand it to the balance of the chain's stores where it is anticipated to be up and running system wide by the fall.

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