March 03, 2009 07:00 ET

miCARD Launches Personal Health Record to Improve Emergency Care

miCARD's Portable Medical ID and Electronic Medical Record Provide Critical Information to Emergency Medical Personnel

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwire - March 3, 2009) - miCARD (, an emerging provider of Personal Heath Records for emergency care, today announced the launch of a proprietary medical information card and integrated online medical record.

miCARD's physician designed, medical identification solution consists of a portable wallet card and integrated, online Personal Health Record. The miCARD wallet card provides emergency medical personnel, in the field, a readable snapshot of a patient's vital medical information. The portable card is further supported by an online Personal Health Record -- which contains additional medical information, emergency contacts, physician information, advance directives, EKGs, lab tests, and current medications. All personal medical information is stored securely online and viewable at the miCARD website 24/7 by treating medical providers.

"Information is a critical component of good medical care," states Dr. James Kelley, an Emergency Physician and co-founder of miCARD. "miCARD is intended to be noticed in your wallet, purse, or on your person by first responders and emergency care providers. Unlike other medical records, the miCARD system is organized around only those key pieces of medical information most necessary during a medical emergency. Carrying medical identification is a simple means by which each of us can prepare for an unanticipated medical emergency."

Dr. Kelley is not alone in his view, the American College of Emergency Physicians strongly suggests that all individuals carry some form of medical identification.

Most Individuals Are Unprepared for a Medical Emergency

Most individuals carry nothing that describes their specific medical background or identifies people to contact in the event of a medical emergency.

Critical decisions about your health are made in the first few minutes of your emergency care. If you are unconscious or incapacitated, emergency personnel have no knowledge of existing medical conditions, critical medications or other important details which could impact and improve your emergency care.

Whether it's preparing for an isolated medical emergency or a large scale natural or human-caused disaster, carrying emergency medical identification should be a priority for people of all ages.

Be Prepared With miCARD

miCARD is a physician-designed solution to the problem of emergency preparedness and emergency care. A personal miCARD is easy and inexpensive to obtain and can be created securely online in just a few minutes. For additional information about miCARD, please visit our website at, or click here to watch our miCARD video.

About miCARD

Headquartered in Scottsdale, AZ, miCARD is a personal health record designed to improve your emergency care. miCARD's proprietary physician-designed solution improves the flow of critical care information and ensures emergency medical personnel have immediate and secure access to your vital medical information, 24/7 worldwide. miCARD is registered with the USPTO under patent and trademark protection.

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