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June 10, 2008 15:29 ET

Michael Budnick Joins Dynamic Energy Capital

CEO Andrew Duggan Taps Top-Performing Institutional-Investment Rainmaker as Executive VP of National Sales

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - June 10, 2008) - What will it actually take to make renewable energy a global reality? The answer matters to every one of us, more so today than ever before.

"One answer is, major government and institutional investments," said Michael Budnick, the newly recruited Executive VP of National Sales for Dynamic Energy Capital, a global investment firm focused on the preservation and growth of capital, with an emphasis on emerging technologies in renewable energy.

"It will take tremendous investments in infrastructure, technology and manufacturing to scale these technologies, requiring not only individual investments, but institutions such as governments, pension funds, and endowments," he said.

Luckily Mr. Budnick knows a thing or two about how to bring in such investments.

As a Vice President of BenefitsCorp, Mr. Budnick brought over $1 billion in additional investment revenue, adding several major government groups, including the City of Houston and the State of Oklahoma, to BenefitsCorp's portfolios. Mr. Budnick's leadership brought about unprecedented expansion, including an entirely new regional office with assets under management of over $2.2 billion. In 2001 BenefitsCorp recognized his contribution with its President's Award.

"Organizations and governments at this level operate differently from you or I. They require a fundamentally different approach," said Budnick. "I have worked with the boards and the committees; I understand how they think, how they make decisions, how they are structured at the top. I will utilize my existing network while mobilizing a nationwide sales force to reach key individuals and groups whose decisions control not millions, but billions of investment dollars."

The United Nations Environment Program recently released findings concurrent with Mr. Budnick's assessment: "Investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency industries set a new record of more than $100 billion worth of transactions in 2006. In 2007, the upward trend continues, with capital investments occurring in sectors and regions previously considered too risky and too illiquid to merit the attention of the institutional investment community." (From Global Trends in Sustainable Energy Investment 2007).

What made Budnick choose the renewable energy sector? Oddly enough, the answer starts years ago with his first career: as an electrical engineer at a nuclear power station. "I saw first-hand the precautions, the security needed, the risks involved with nuclear power. I knew there must be a better alternative to fossil fuels than that." Mr. Budnick's engineering background led to a fascination with the panoply of emerging technologies in the renewable sector.

"This is a win/win from both a finance and a personal perspective," said Budnick. "Investors have a huge upswing opportunity; while there's a lot of media attention on alternative energy right now, in reality we're still at the ground floor. Over the next 5 to 15 years the industry will emerge and skyrocket. Early adopters will make a huge difference for the planet and for their pocketbooks. How could there be a better opportunity than that?"

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Dynamic Energy Capital ( is a global investment firm focused on the preservation and growth of capital, with an emphasis on emerging technologies in renewable energy. Its areas of focus are: reducing fossil fuel dependence; preventing environmental degradation; fostering job growth; and helping to reduce global warming.

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