SOURCE: Michael Casey Enterprises, Inc.

August 12, 2005 21:07 ET

Michael Casey Enterprises, Inc. Seeks $10,000,000 in Damages Against Charles Ho and Cirtran-Asia, Inc. for Allegedly Stealing Patent Rights

LOS ANGELES, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- August 12, 2005 -- Today, Michael Casey Enterprises, Inc., filed Counterclaims seeking $10,000,000 in damages against Counter-Defendant Cirtran-Asia, Inc., and Third Party Defendant Cirtran, Inc. (collectively "Cirtran"), and Counter-Defendant Charles Ho in the United States District Court for the District of Utah. The Counterclaims against Cirtran allege that Cirtran engaged in fraud and trade libel and further breached an exclusive manufacturing contract to produce Casey Enterprises' unique AB-KING PRO™ exercise product as well as other products. The Counterclaims against Ho allege that Ho filed patent applications wherein Ho falsely purported to be the sole inventor and owner of all rights to the AB-KING PRO™ and other products and interfered with Michael Casey Enterprises' business. The Counterclaims seek $10,000,000 in damages against both Cirtran and Ho.

MICHAEL CASEY, the president of Michael Casey Enterprises, Inc., has reported that his company has invested hundreds of thousands of dollars developing and marketing its unique AB-KING PRO™ exercise product and that his company will vigorously pursue Cirtran and Ho for damages incurred as a result of Cirtran and Ho's fraudulent business practices. Michael Casey Enterprises or its licensees own all patent rights to the AB-KING PRO™ and AB-AWAY PRO™ products, as well as a new Abdominal Wheel product. Casey says, "Ho has a history of filing patents which are not his own," and that his latest conduct shows desperation regarding his current financial problems in Taiwan where court records indicate that Ho owes approximately $35,000,000 New Taiwanese dollars to creditors.

Speaking on behalf of Michael Casey Enterprises, Inc., Attorney Dan Cislo of Cislo & Thomas, LLP, stated: "Michael Casey Enterprises will aggressively pursue monetary damages and an injunction against Cirtran and Ho to stop them from hurting others in the future."

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