SOURCE: Michigan Gold Mining Investments, Inc.

June 01, 2006 15:30 ET

Michigan Gold Releases Probable Lead (Pb) Reserves of the Anita Mine

BAY CITY, MI -- (MARKET WIRE) -- June 1, 2006 -- Michigan Gold Mining Investments, Inc. (PINKSHEETS: MGGV) is pleased to announce the probable lead (Pb) reserves in the Anita mine.

As reported by Professional Engineer, Mauro Espinoza Aguayo (May, 2006), "Contiguous with the silver in the 227,000 Metric Tons of ore is a probable lead deposit reserve averaging 6.7% Pb over the 227,000 Metric Tons. This amounts to a total 15,911 Metric Tons of lead."

Lead currently trades at about 47 cents per pound. The average ton of ore would contain 135 lbs. of lead or approximately $60.00 per ton.

President and CEO Ben Fuschino commented, "This lead deposit coupled with our silver deposit is accretive to our value per ton of ore and makes the Anita Mine an even greater potential asset to MGGV's acquisition and development strategy."

Mr. Fuschino added, "Explosive growth in the Far East economies has insured solid demand for lead as well as other industrial metals. We have high hopes the valuable silver and lead deposits are not the only commercially viable metal deposits we will find at Anita."

Michigan Gold Mining Investments, Inc. is correlating the other metals that exist contiguously with the silver and lead in the Anita 227,000 MT deposit, and the company expects to publish the grade and the quantity of these metals as the information becomes available.

Other sections of the 325-hectare property (app. 810 acres) have been unexplored. At the present time, MGGV has a geologist on the property. The Geologist is compiling a report on how best to test these unexplored areas.

Michigan Gold anticipates total probable reserves of various precious and industrial metals in the Anita Mine to be significantly viable.

The Anita Mine is situated in the southern part of Peru, three miles SW from the Barrick's gold mine, Arequipa.

About Michigan Gold Mining Investments, Inc.

Michigan Gold Mining Investments, Inc. is an American junior mineral exploration company presently in the process of developing mineral assets in North and South America. Michigan Gold currently retains a one hundred percent (100%) title to a Platinum/Palladium prospect in Northern Ontario, named the 'Deadmoose Lake' property.

Michigan Gold also holds an option on the Anita Mine in Peru. This mine is expected to have workable deposits of precious and industrial metals. Michigan Gold is now in the process of defining these potential deposits.

Michigan Gold is committed to the accumulation and development of unhedged precious and industrial metal deposit sites in both North and South America.

The company is of the opinion that the bull market in metals is a trend that will continue over a generation. The current low levels in Global Inventory in most metals and, most importantly, longer-term strategic considerations originating from high-growth oriented economies in China, India and other Eastern nations has placed extreme pressure on pricing in the metals markets. These factors, coupled with the weakness of the US Dollar due to the USA's large budget and current account deficits, may support historically high dollar prices in metals for many years to come.

Major metals miners have hedged most producing properties and cannot strongly benefit from rising price trends over the near term. This places junior miners in a very advantageous position. As properties are proven and production is ascertained to be feasible, the ability of Michigan Gold Mining Investments to profit from these historically high metals prices should come to fruition.

Michigan Gold Investments, Inc. (trading symbol MGGV) is listed on the OTC market and has commenced the process of becoming a full reporting US company.

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