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July 22, 2015 17:03 ET

Micol Sanko's Book, "Hope Over Fear," a Powerful Cancer Treatment Guide Forged From Success at Envita Medical Center

SCOTTSDALE, AZ--(Marketwired - July 22, 2015) - A compelling, new book from cancer survivor Micol Sanko is giving patients helpful tools for confronting cancer. The 180 page cancer treatment guide is called, “Hope Over Fear,” and it stands as a reminder that there are powerful, integrative options for cancer patients. The Envita patient wrote her book to not only share her story but to help people struggling with cancer decide which treatments would be right for them. Sanko warns of the dangers of rushing into surgery and how a revolutionary immunotherapy treatment in Mexico called AAIT (Autologous Adoptive Immunotherapy) in conjunction with GTFC (Genetically Targeted Fractionated Chemotherapy), a powerful treatment that targets multiple genetic markers with minimal side effects, helped to save her life. Sanko credits her faith and Envita’s treatments for healing her.

In addition to faith, Sanko urges that, “Embracing more than the standard options offered by the western medical model might save your life.” AAIT and GTFC are both highly personalized and unique treatments that Micol found nowhere else but made the ultimate difference for her during her cancer struggles. The cancer survivor experienced the benefits of advanced immunotherapy years before it became popular. She says in the book that, “Ultimately it is your immune system that will recognize and kill the cancer…your ultimate weapon is your immune system.” Only after receiving AAIT immunotherapy, a T cell cancer vaccine, and coupling the process with her genetic targets, did Micol find true success with her cancer.

The book reveals that in addition to cancer, Micol also had chronic Lyme disease. She maintains that her prior medical professionals missed her Lyme disease and viral diagnosis. It is postulated in the book that her slow recovery after her first hysterectomy was due to Lyme disease taxing her immune system. At Envita, however, Micol was finally treated successfully for Lyme disease (in addition to cancer) and her immune system function improved exponentially after the fact.

“Hope Over Fear” also shares the value that a second opinion brings and how faith is the key to being successful in cancer treatment. The lesson she learned (after avoiding an undesired radiation therapy called brachytherapy) was that patients need to be informed, research, and to ask the right questions. Some helpful treatment questions from the book include: “What is the chance of creating resistant strains of cancer, or will this kill dormant metastatic cancer cells? What is the risk to my organs and my immune system? What are the side effects? Will the results of the treatment impact my life or bodily function?” After these questions are asked, patients can decide if the treatment in question is right for them. Patients have options but need to know where to look and what questions to ask. To help in this regard, Envita has provided cancer patients with 5 lifesaving questions they should ask their doctor.

Many cancer patients blindly accept standard treatments without questioning their doctors, or personalizing their treatments, but Micol and Envita are both urging patients to be more knowledgeable about their conditions and to take charge of their treatment programs. To that end, “Hope Over Fear,” is an excellent guide for any patient struggling with cancer and those seeking to improve their current treatment plans.

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