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February 22, 2010 07:04 ET

Micrel to Exhibit Company's Newest Best-in-Class Portable and Non-Portable IC Solutions at APEC '10

PALM SPRINGS, CA--(Marketwire - February 22, 2010) - Micrel Inc., (NASDAQ: MCRL), an industry leader in IC analog, high bandwidth and Ethernet solutions, today announced that it will be exhibiting its newest, best-in-class portable and non-portable IC at the annual 2010 APEC (Applied Power Electronics Conference) trade show. The show will be held at in Palm Springs, CA., at the Palm Springs Convention Center, Feb. 21-25, with show hours as follows: Monday: 5:30 to 8:00 p.m.; Tuesday: noon to 5 p.m.; and Wednesday: 10:15 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Micrel's booth number is 412-414. Included will be some of the industry's most innovative power saving IC devices including:

Power Products:

The MIC4782 is a new dual non-synchronous PWM buck regulator targeting consumer applications. Operating at 1.8 MHz, with a maximum load current of 2A per channel, the MIC4782 is the latest addition to the popular low-voltage family of small footprint, non-synchronous buck regulators. The IC addresses the designer's need for a low-cost dual regulator solution for the popular 5V and 3.3V rails in consumer applications. The device targets cost sensitive consumer applications such as wired and wireless broadband communication equipments, printers, HD set top boxes, computing peripherals and low power FPGAs -- all applications where total solution cost is a critical design consideration. The MIC4782 features ultra-fast operation and a proprietary internal compensation which allows for ultra-fast transient response. Further, the high PWM frequency of operation allows the use of the smallest and most cost-effective LC components. Each channel provides up to 2A of output current, while designers can realize more than 92 percent efficiency.

The MIC22950 is a pioneering product in Micrel's high power density family of buck regulators. The synchronous step-down regulator features 10A integrated SuperThermal™ MOSFETs and is optimized for highest efficiency. With only a 1µH inductor and a 100µF output capacitor, the device achieves more than 95 percent efficiency over a broad load range. It also features built-in sequencing, tracking and ramp control capabilities that enable multiple power-up sequencing and tracking protocols. The solution is ideal for high power density point-of-load conversion, base stations, servers and routers, Blu-ray players, computer peripherals, FPGAs, DSPs and low voltage ASIC power applications. The MIC22950 has an ultra-high speed control loop that keeps the output voltage within regulation even under extreme transient load swings that are commonly found in FPGAs and low voltage ASICs. The RC (Ramp Control) pin allows the device to be connected to another product in Micrel's MIC22xxx and/or its MIC68xxx family, thereby allowing the designer to maintain the output voltages within a certain delta-V on start up.

The MIC2164, MIC2164-2 and MIC2164-3 are the first members of the family of Hyper Speed Control™ PWM controllers. The IC's Hyper Speed Control™ architecture significantly reduces the required output capacitance and allows for excellent transient response, while making high delta V operation (VIN=28V, VOUT=0.8V) possible. The solutions are ideal for set-top boxes, gateways, routers, computing peripherals, and telecom/networking equipments.

Micrel's new devices are constant on-time mode PWM controllers that feature wide input voltage range, high performance, and are capable of driving up to 25A of load current. The MIC2164 operates at 300kHz PWM frequency while MIC2164-2 and MIC2164-3 operate at 600kHz and 1MHz respectively, to allow a size reduction path. The family achieves greater than 95 percent efficiency, while still switching at high frequencies, over a broad load range. The MIC2164 Hyper Speed Control™ family of PWM controllers operates over a wide input supply range of 3V to 28V and also offers cycle-by-cycle current limiting for FET protection.

The MIC2174 is the latest, premium member of its Hyper Speed Control™ family of adaptive on-time controllers. The device is a high performance, first-in-its-class DC-to-DC controller capable of high delta V operation (VIN=40V, VOUT=0.8V) and can drive up to 25A of load current. The Hyper Speed Control™ architecture significantly reduces the required output capacitance and allows for excellent transient response. The solution is ideal for industrial equipment power supply, automotive applications, computer peripherals and distributed DC power systems. The MIC2174 operates at 300kHz constant frequency and achieves greater than 94 percent efficiency, over a broad load range. The device is easy to use and is stable even with a zero-ESR output capacitor, making designs very robust and offering the ability to scale down external capacitors. The MIC2174 Hyper Speed Control™ DC-to-DC controller operates over a wide input supply range of 3V to 40V and also offers cycle-by-cycle current limiting for FET protection.

Lighting Products:

The MIC3201 is Micrel's new Step-Down High Brightness LED (HBLED) driver with high-side current sense. This device is the first in a new series of high brightness LED drivers targeting MR-16 lamps and other general illumination applications. This device reduces the size, complexity and cost of the driver solutions for various lighting applications. The MIC3201 is capable of driving up to four, 1A HBLEDs in series at more than 90 percent efficiency with ±5 percent current accuracy from input voltages of 4.5V to 20V. With its hysteretic control architecture and high-side current sense scheme, the MIC3201 is well positioned to provide constant current with changes in input voltage and output load. The MIC3201 operating frequency is adjustable up to 1MHz to allow flexibility in the design. The MIC3201 features a dedicated PWM dimming pin, an enable pin for very low power shutdown, over temperature protection and UVLO. The MIC3201 has an internal power switch and requires no external compensation. In addition to enhanced power driving capability/reliability, the MIC3201 comes in an exposed pad SOIC-8L package.


The Micrel MIC33050 is a high efficiency 600mA PWM synchronous buck (step-down) regulator with internal inductor featuring HyperLight Load™, a patent-pending switching scheme that offers best-in-class light load efficiency and transient performance while providing very small external components and low output ripple at all loads. The MIC33050 also has a very low typical quiescent current draw of 20µA and can achieve over 83 percent efficiency even at 1mA. In contrast to traditional light load schemes, the HyperLight Load™ architecture does need not trade off control speed to obtain low standby currents and in doing so, the device only needs a small output capacitor to absorb the load transient as the powered device goes from light load to full load.

The Micrel MIC2826 is a four output, programmable Power Management IC, optimized for high efficiency power support in Mobile Application Processors, Co-Processors, DSPs, GPS and Media Player chipsets. The device integrates a single 500mA PWM/PFM synchronous buck (step-down) regulator with three Low Dropout Regulators and a 400kHz I²C interface that provides programmable Dynamic Voltage Scaling (DVS), Power Sequencing, and individual output Enable/Disable controls allowing the user to optimally control all four outputs.

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