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February 06, 2012 07:04 ET

Micrel Launches IC Family That Reduces Switching Regulator Output Ripple and Harmonics by 60db at High Frequencies

Ripple Blocker™ Technology Family Delivers Unmatched Power Supply Rejection Ratio (PSRR) From DC to 10MHz in 65 Percent Less Space Than Discrete Solutions

ORLANDO, FL--(Marketwire - Feb 6, 2012) - Micrel, Inc. (NASDAQ: MCRL), an industry leader in analog, high-bandwidth communications and Ethernet IC solutions, today announced the Ripple Blocker family comprising the MIC94300 voltage follower output and the MIC94310 fixed output, low-dropout (LDO) IC. The solutions will be previewing at the 2012 APEC Conference, Orlando, FL held February 5-9, 2012, booth number 411-413.

The ground-breaking new MIC94300/MIC94310 were developed to provide more efficient noise suppression for today's highly sensitive data and image capturing systems. The MIC94300 integrates a low-RDSon, current-limit switch and a low-pass filter that passes DC and blocks the AC component of the input voltage. The MIC94310 is a high-performance, low dropout regulator that offers better PSRR performance from DC to 5MHz than discrete solutions. Both ICs feature an active-high enable pin for power sequencing. This first-of-a-kind IC family is ideal for today's most demanding portable applications, including smart phones, medical imaging, tablets/notebooks/webcams, digital still and video cameras, bar code scanners, GPS and image system processors for image sensors. The series is currently available in volume, and pricing starts at $0.24 for 1K quantity for the MIC94300 and $0.27 for the MIC94310. Samples can be ordered at:

"As consumers continue to demand higher performance from the products they purchase, engineers face more stringent design requirements to develop products with higher image capturing quality, higher signal receiving strength (in smart-phones), and no dropped calls," noted Brian Hedayati, marketing vice president for the analog division at Micrel. "Micrel's new MIC943XX series gives engineers a significant advantage over current discrete solutions, especially in applications where sufficient ripple suppression is crucial and improving the minimum detectable signal in data processing systems is paramount to the design."

Micrel's new Ripple Blocker technology improves minimum detectable signal capturing for low-light image sensors by suppressing system power ripple for the Image System Processor (ISP). By eliminating the large LC filter that would typically be required to reduce ripple in a discrete solution, the MIC943XX series devices provide more usable board space to accommodate space-constrained designs. In addition, this new series offers an operating input range of 1.8V to 3.6V with exceptional transient performance, ultra-low dropout and very high PSRR (80db @ 1KHz).

The MIC94300 and the MIC94310 devices deliver up to 200mA; higher-current devices are under development. Both ICs offer full current and thermal fault condition protection and the MIC94310 offers ultra-low dropout (17mV, typical). The devices also feature a -40degC to 125degC junction temperature range. Package options include 0.88mm x 0.88mm, 4-bump CSP and 1.2mm x 1.6mm Thin-MLF®.

For more information or to order the MIC943XX evaluation board, visit: Ripple Blocker.

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