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February 25, 2009 15:00 ET

Micrel Showcases Industry's Coolest, Low-Power Green Power Solutions at IIC China '09

SHENZHEN, CHINA--(Marketwire - February 25, 2009) - Micrel Inc., (NASDAQ: MCRL), an industry leader in IC analog, high bandwidth and Ethernet solutions, today announced that, as part of the Company's corporate wide 'green product initiative,' it will be showcasing the industry's newest and most innovative green power IC solutions at the annual 2009 IIC China trade show. The show will be held: Shenzhen, Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, Feb. 26-27; Xi'an, Xi'an Qujiang International Conference & Exhibition Center, March 2-3; and Shanghai, Shanghai Mart, March 9-10 with show hours as follows: (9:30 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.) Micrel's booth locations will be: Shenzhen No. 2L19; Xi'an No. 7D10 and Shanghai No. 8G14. Included in the preview will be some of the industry's most innovative and green, power saving IC solutions including:

Analog Solutions

Industry's Highest Matching Linear WLED Drivers, Micrel's MIC284x Family

This new family of efficiency linear White LED (WLED) drivers extends the need for battery power in mobile applications up to an astounding 32 percent. The MIC284x solutions are aimed at a wide variety of mobile devices including portable display backlights, keypad backlighting and camera flash in mobile devices, mobile handsets, digital cameras, portable media/MP3 players, portable navigation devices (GPS) and other portable devices -- all applications where saving battery power is critical.

High Efficiency 7A Integrated Synchronous Buck (Step-Down) Regulator, MIC22700

The MIC22700 is a high efficiency 7A integrated synchronous buck (step-down) regulator optimized for the highest efficiency. It achieves more than 95 percent efficiency, while still switching at 1MHz over a broad load range with only 1µH inductor and a 47µF output capacitor. It also features built-in sequencing, tracking and ramp control -- enabling all power-up sequencing and tracking protocols. The solution is ideal for high power density point-of-load conversion, servers and routers, DVD recorders, computing peripherals, base stations, FPGAs, DSP and low voltage ASIC power applications.

Extreme Efficiency 1.5A HyperLight Load Buck Converter, MIC23150

Micrel's1.5A HyperLight Load™ Regulator supports green home/office appliances and handheld products, enabling the Company continues green initiative with Power saving, 'Green' Devices.

The MIC23150 is the highest output current device in the popular HyperLight Load™ family of synchronous step-down regulators. The patented architecture implemented in the MIC23150 delivers extremely high efficiency light load for portable products and green home/office appliances. The MIC23150 features internal MOSFETs able to deliver up to 1.5 Amps output current while consuming just 23 Micro Amps of quiescent current inside a tiny 2mm x 2mm Thin MLF® package. As with many other members of the HyperLight Load™ family of step-down regulators, the MIC23150 achieves up to 93 percent peak efficiency and an impressive 87 percent efficiency under a 1mili Amp load.

RF Low-Power, Low Cost Receiver, MICRF219

Micrel's MICRF219 is a 300MHz to 450MHz super-heterodyne, image-reject, RF receiver with Automatic Gain Control, OOK/ASK demodulator and analog RSSI output. It only requires a crystal and a minimum number of external components to implement. It is ideal for low-cost, low-power, RKE, TPMS, and remote actuation applications and achieves -110dBm sensitivity at a data rate of 1kbps (Manchester encoded. The device operates from a supply voltage of 3.0V to 3.6V, and consumes just 4.0mA of supply current at 315MHz and 6.0mA at 433.92MHz. A shutdown mode reduces supply current to 0.5uA. The Auto-Polling feature allows the MICRF219 to sleep and poll for user defined periods, thus further reducing supply current. During normal operation, an optional Squelch feature disables the data output until valid bits are detected.

RF Remote Control Packet Encoder, MICRF302

Micrel is rolling out the MICRF302 RF Remote Control Packet Encoder. It offers a low-cost, low-power, microcontroller replacement for remote control applications, such as fan and lighting control, thermostats, home automation, toys, low-tier RKE and garage door openers. The device dramatically reduces power consumption by consuming only 0.5uW in standby mode while awaiting a push-button closure and consumes just 230uW of power while transmitting a packet.

High Bandwidth Solutions

FTTx GPON ONU Burst-Mode Laser Driver, SY88216L

The SY88216L is 2.5Gbps Burst-Mode Laser Driver for FTTx GE-PON and GPON ONU optical module applications. The driver can operate at data rates from 155Mbps up to 2.5Gbps. SY88216L can deliver modulation current up to 85mA, and provides a high compliance voltage that makes it suitable for high-current operation with the laser DC-coupled to it.

FTTx GPON OLT Laser Driver, SY88212L

The SY88212L is a stand-alone 2.5Gbps laser diode driver (LDD) with integrated Automatic Power Control (APC) and a power monitoring feature to keep average optical power constant during temperature changes and over the lifetime of the laser. It is also designed with high compliance voltage, allowing it to be DC-coupled to the laser to reduce external component count and power consumption. The device is designed for Datacom and telecom applications, including LAN and MAN with any data rates up to 2.5Gbps. Such applications include FC, GbE, SONET, OC3/12/24/48 and SDH, STM 1/4/8.


The SY87725L is a single chip transceiver for data rates up to 2.5Gbps for FTTx GE-PON and GPON ONU applications. On the receive side, it includes a complete clock recovery and data (CDR) retiming circuit with an integrated 4-bit serial-to-parallel data converter. On the transmit side, it includes a synthesizer with an integrated 4-bit parallel-to-serial data converter.

4.25G SFP Module Reference Design: SY88422L+ SY88403BL + MIC3002

The SY88422L is a single 3.3V supply, small form-factor laser driver capable of delivering up to 90mA modulation current with integrated 100mA bias current. This driver, in combination with Micrel's MIC3002 controller and SY88403BL 4.25G limiting post amplifier, is an ideal solution for intermediate-reach and long-reach SFF and SFP designs in multi-rate MAN, WAN, SAN and LAN applications up to 4.25Gbps, including FC, GbE, SONET/SDH, and WDM.

WDM Fiber Optic Post Amp Products, SY88353BL and SY88953L

The SY88353BL (3.2Gbps) and SY88953L (10.7Gbps) are high performance limiting post amplifiers designed for use in fiber-optic receivers. They are specially optimized for WDM applications where optical amplifiers, such as EDFAs and Raman amplifiers, can require input off-set correction. The devices connect to typical transimpedance amplifiers (TIAs).

Ultra Low Voltage CML 3.2Gbps with FSI/ Low SY54xxx Family

Micrel's Ultra-Low Voltage CML product family, the SY54xx, is part of the Company's growing portfolio of high performance interface products. The initial seven products of the family, SY54011R, SY54016R/AR, SY54017R/AR, and SY54023R/AR are 1.2/1.8V Ultra-Low Voltage CML output products with a core power supply of 2.5V that can interface directly to devices powered by 1.2/1.8V supply. These products include a 1:2 fan-out buffer, differential line driver/receiver, 2:1 multiplexer, and a 2 x 2 cross-point Switch and operate up to 3.2GHz. In addition, the SY54016R, SY54017R, and SY54023R offer Micrel's Fail Safe Input (FSI) circuitry. Targeted applications include clock and data distribution, hot swap applications, rack-based equipment and Automatic Test Equipment.

Ultra Low Voltage CML 6.4Gbps with Equalization SY56xxx Family

The SY56xx series is comprised of seven new products belonging to the Company's new Ultra-Low Voltage CML product family. This CML family consists of buffer, fan-out buffers, multiplexer, and cross-point switches. They operate up to 6.4Gbps, have integrated Equalization and come in 1.2/1.8/2.5V Ultra-Low Voltage options. Targeted applications include data distribution for driving high-speed backplanes, rack-based equipment, Telecom/Datacom, Automatic Test Equipments, HD Video Broadcast, Data Storage, and Servers.

Jitter Attenuator/Clock Synthesizer, SY89610

The Company's SY89610L is a Precision Frequency Synthesizer featuring ultra-low jitter. The SY89610L is a 3.3V, jitter attenuator that accepts a noisy clock between 19.44MHz and 694MHz, and provides an ultra-low jitter clock signal. This new device is targeted at Telecom, Datacom, Storage, and Servers markets, covering SONET/SDH, Gigabit Ethernet, Fibre Channel, and SAS/SATA applications.

5ps Delay Line 3.2Gbps/1.6GHz, SY89297

The SY89297U is 3.2Gbps Precision CML Dual-Channel Programmable Delay Line IC. The second generation device can be serially programmed to provide 5ns of delay per channel in increments as small as 5ps while running up to 3.2Gbps/1.6GHz. The delay is very linear and monotonic, providing precise delay for high-speed ATE and test and measurement applications.

Ethernet Solutions

Ethernet capability is now available to the worldwide automotive market with the launch of Micrel's family of AEC-Q100 Automotive qualified Ethernet devices. This device family offers complete flexibility when interfacing Ethernet to any desired processor via MII, RMII, SNI or PCI bus. Solutions are available from a single Ethernet port up to three Ethernet Ports. The ICs, the KSZ8041NL AM - Single-Port Fast Ethernet Physical Layer Transceiver, KSZ8842-PMBL AM - 3-Port Managed Fast Ethernet Switch with PCI, and KSZ8893MQL AM - 3-Port Managed Fast Ethernet Switch with MII/RMII, are the industry's first and only AEC-Q100 Automotive qualified Ethernet devices on the market today.

In this emerging market, Micrel is the first to supply Ethernet devices to a car. Ethernet is initially being introduced for ODB (on board diagnostics) and software memory download. Current methods have proven too slow to re-program the increasing amount of electronics in the car; Ethernet is faster, cheaper and offers the same common interface used by the PC / laptop and office, industrial and home networks. The next step is using Ethernet as the backbone for next generation automotive multi-media networks carrying 'live' traffic.

"With billions of consumer electronics and office products sold every year and energy conservation fast moving from a worldwide concern into crisis mode, it was crucial that the next generation of ICs offer breakthrough approaches to saving power. Micrel's Green initiative involves all aspects of design, engineering, marketing and other disciplines to bring to market exceptional and innovative methods for saving power," noted Andrew Cowell, Micrel's vice president of marketing for analog products. "These new devices demonstrate Micrel's on-going commitment to providing its customers the most innovative and advanced ICs on the market today. APEC provides Micrel with a synergistic and complementary venue for showcasing its commitment to green strategies and Corporate product development."

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