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October 17, 2017 00:17 ET

Micro Com Systems Brings Ministry Client Up to Date

VANCOUVER, BC--(Marketwired - October 17, 2017) - Dealing with sensitive historical records is always a challenge. Sensitive information always requires special care, but this is especially important when you are dealing with one-of-a-kind records. That's the challenge Micro Com Systems faced when a Ministry client recently approached them to digitize and create a searchable database of nearly one million case files, each on its own individual hand typed card.

The challenge in this case was that the records, which had been compiled by various organizations, followed no particular format, although each one did contain similar fields and information.

The job began by simply getting the documents to Micro Com's facilities-an endeavour that involved moving some 300 boxes. This took five trips using their trusty Micromobile. Once the information was safely at company headquarters, every document had to be prepared for scanning. This included tasks like straightening dog-eared corners, taping up tears, and generally ensuring the document could be scanned without harming the integrity of the original.

While data entry for one million cases would have been long, tedious, and above all expensive, the Micro Com team had one of their brainiest waves of 2017 to speed things along. They used Adobes' automatic Optical Character Recognition software, which is able to scan documents and convert printed text into digital text in a matter of seconds. The success rate is astounding-more than 99% accurate.

More importantly, by syncing the information with Adobe Catalogue, they were able to automatically create a searchable database, which relieved Ministry workers from the tedious task of doing alphabetized searches using a Dewey Decimal type of system.

In the end, Micro Com Systems successfully helped the Ministry achieve three very important goals:

  • Providing a digital backup of their one-of-a-kind documents
  • Creating a searchable database of information and
  • Ensuring alphabetized searches could be performed using the new digital catalogue

Once the job was completed, the originals were returned to the client, who was delighted with the work.

"We are very pleased with the recent scanning project involving approximately one million historical index cards. It has increased staff efficiency, enabled learning of business processes, and it will enable mobility of staff should the opportunity arise."

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