June 25, 2009 14:10 ET

MicroCapster: Is Small Cap the New Big?

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA--(Marketwire - June 25, 2009) -

- Small has learned the lesson from fat, redundant, wasteful organizations.

- Small companies with big ideas, disrupt markets and destroy industries.

- Small is agile and growth is often rapid.

- Small cap companies are structured for growth. Incredible growth.

Big used to be safe for investors. Big meant efficient manufacturing and distribution, abundant R&D resources and generous marketing budgets. Big meant that investors could unquestionably trust the information disclosed to them. After all, big is audited and directed by an army of "under oath" professionals from other big firms.

Big worked because it was believed big could not, and would not, fail.

Unfortunately big has failed.

Citibank, GM, AIG, Northern Telecom, Enron - the list goes on and on - including the once mighty Wall Street firms that helped big get big, have failed and will, more than likely, continue to fail. With the endless chain of ethical scandals, cooked books, astronomical bonuses and golden handshakes - the ingrained attitudes towards investors epitomizes the condescending culture of big.

It's time to give small cap companies a chance.

- According to Fox News, 63% of the public says small business will lead the country to a better economy.

- "Recession babies" Microsoft and Apple both got their starts in the recession of the early 1980's. They were, of course, small at the time.

- President Obama said he'd like to see "our best and brightest commit themselves to making things" rather than responding to a culture that celebrates "those who can manipulate numbers."

Small cap companies are poised for growth. Incredible growth.

Small adapts quickly to changing circumstances. Small cap companies have learned the lessons from fat, redundant, wasteful organizations. That's why small defeats big. Take Craig's list, for example. Here's a company that in just a few short years has crushed the multi-billion dollar newspaper classifieds business and is now managing revenues of $100 million with only 30 employees.

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