Opportunity International Canada

Opportunity International Canada

May 17, 2011 15:39 ET

Microfinance Charity Opportunity International Turns 40 and Celebrates Entrepreneurship Through 40-Day Event

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - May 17, 2011) - Today marks the launch of Opportunity CAN, a 40-day event celebrating Opportunity International's 40-year history empowering people across the developing world to work their way out of poverty using financial tools. During the event, Canadians will use their unique skills and creativity to fulfill a personal challenge or host a meal that will help end poverty through microfinance.

"In the last year, we've had people parachute out of planes and hike mountains to help end global poverty," says Opportunity International Canada President & CEO, Paula A. Curtis. "Engaged couples gave up their wedding gifts and businesses offered a 'Toonie at the Till' promotion. It will be exciting to see how Canadians now respond to Opportunity CAN."

Many creative plans are already in the works. Tonight, six-time Olympic medallist Cindy Klassen's will be speaking about 'fulfilling dreams' at an Opportunity gala in Calgary. Andrew MacDonald of Toronto is tightening his belt for Loss for Loans, an ambitious plan to lose 40 pounds in 40 days. "I'm looking for $138 for each pound I lose - that's the average cost of a first loan to one of Opportunity's clients," he says. For an extra $500 donation Andrew will wear an outfit of the donor's choice and work out in public.

Opportunity's goal is to raise $1 million in 40 days that will help empower entrepreneurs to work their way out of poverty. The campaign, however, "is about more than raising money," Curtis observes. "It's about celebrating entrepreneurship and creativity. Our microfinance clients have been demonstrating this for 40 years. Now we're giving Canadians the opportunity to use their gifts as well."

To learn more, visit www.opportunityinternational.ca/ican.

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