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MicroSeismic, Inc.

October 09, 2014 09:00 ET

MicroSeismic Announces Release of PermIndex™

Stage-by-Stage Reservoir Management

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwired - Oct 9, 2014) - MicroSeismic, Inc. (MicroSeismic) announced today the release of PermIndex™, a proprietary microseismic-based permeability tool to maximize recovery. PermIndex provides permeability estimates for each frac stage and data-driven constraints to reservoir simulation to help operators improve production forecasting and estimated ultimate recovery (EUR).

PermIndex provides estimates of bulk permeability using the radial pressure fronts of microseismic events during hydraulic fracturing to calculate effective system permeability. The new Permeability Scalar and Production Productivity Log are included in the PermIndex service and both are available on a stage-by-stage basis.

"For the first time, operators have a tool to understand the reservoir permeability on a stage-by-stage basis without needing to run a production log, saving time and money. PermIndex enables operators to improve production forecasting and get earlier assessments of the estimated ultimate recovery (EUR). This information can be used to determine future well treatments, such as refrac'ing or in-fill drilling and to maximize production and recovery from each well," said Sudhendu "Kash" Kashikar, Vice President Completions Evaluation, MicroSeismic.

Permeability is one of the most important parameters, and yet one of the most difficult to obtain, for reservoir simulation history matching and computation of effective drainage volume. 

The Permeability Scalar captures the fracture intensity at any given point in space, providing a realistic estimate of variations in system permeability in the volume impacted by the hydraulic fracturing process. The Production Productivity Log, combined with Permeability Scalar, allows the reservoir engineer to quickly and accurately achieve history matching with estimation of drainage volume and EUR. 

MicroSeismic, Inc. is an oilfield services company providing microseismic-based Completions Evaluation Services in eighteen countries. Founded in 2003, MicroSeismic is the leading provider of microseismic monitoring activity utilizing surface, near-surface and downhole arrays. The company continually pushes the boundaries of new technology and delivers services that allow oil and gas companies to gauge the quality of completions, improve production, and reduce costs. 

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