September 20, 2017 11:29 ET

Microshare Unlocks the Promised Value of the World Wide Web of Things (WWWoT)

PHILADELPHIA, PA--(Marketwired - September 20, 2017) - New rules and sharing capabilities for the fast-growing Internet of Things (IoT) will transform IoT data torrents into new streams of revenue, according to a new white paper released Tuesday by the data sharing company Microshare Inc.

The white paper, 2018: Cashing in on IoT: Unlocking the Promised Value of the World Wide Web of Things (WWWoT), is co-authored by Ron Rock and Tim Panagos, CEO and CTO respectively of Philadelphia-based Microshare. Its authors assert that the standards developed for the patent pending Microshare™ software that is now being deployed to clients around the world will be the key to unlocking mass IoT data sharing revenue that lays behind the most promising forecasts for the sector.

"We have developed minimally invasive rules that make it possible to securely exchange massive amounts of data at the right time, with auditability, control, and compliance," they write. "Once these rules are adopted, the data from IoT, and specifically the sharing of that data, will unleash a new economy, just like the World Wide Web did."

IoT refers to fast evolving data ecosystem of connected devices that has been the focus of considerable excitement and investment for several years now. Microshare™ software solutions vastly increase the value and capabilities of conventional data analytics programs by, for instance, applying regulatory, privacy, and security protocols to data streams produced by smart homes, appliances, autos and other IoT applications.

Industry adoption of IoT has been slower than anticipated in part due to the challenges listed above. Nonetheless, Intel has predicted there will be 26 million connected devices producing IoT data by 2020, up from 8.4 billion this year. The IoT data analytics market, already valued at $7.19 billion this year, will grow to $27.7 billion by 2022.

Microshare Inc., founded in 2013, produces software solutions for some of the world's largest technology, telecom, financial services, and infrastructure companies that provide the vital missing element in all these IoT forecasts.

"Microshare is positioned to be to IoT what HTTP was to the Internet," says Scott Malcomson, author of several books including 2016's Splinternet: How Geopolitics and Commerce are Fragmenting the World Wide Web. "Standards have to emerge for these forecasts to play out and Microshare is way out ahead in this effort."

Rock and Panagos write that "there is a secret sauce for bringing secure data sharing to the high-scale IoT world that will allow for an ever-widening circle of data receivers beyond the first receiver. No single standard is likely to emerge for the IoT, but we believe that we have identified at least one of the several that will have to proliferate if the promise of IoT revenue and efficiency gains are to be realized."

Download 2018: Cashing in on IoT ­-- available for free on Microshare's website (PDF).

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