Bentley Systems, Incorporated

Bentley Systems, Incorporated

June 29, 2005 09:30 ET

MicroStation V8 XM Edition Now Available to Bentley SELECT Subscribers; Latest MicroStation Release Combines Power and Simplicity to Create New Category of Capability in Engineering Design

EXTON, Pa.--(CCNMatthews - Jun 29, 2005) -

Bentley Systems, Incorporated today announced that the XM Edition of its flagship MicroStation V8 product is now available as a beta release to all Bentley SELECT subscribers. XM brings a series of innovations for simplicity to what is already widely regarded as the AEC industry's most powerful software platform. The result is an unparalleled combination of power and simplicity.

"The best high-tech products have a common progression: They start simple, then get powerful, then get powerful and simple," said Keith Bentley, chief technology officer. "MicroStation V8 has long distinguished itself as the most comprehensive platform in our market, spanning 2D drafting, 3D modeling, change management, digital security, visualization, animation, and more. Now, with its new interface offering a precise, dynamic match of features to tasks, XM makes it simple to bring the full power of MicroStation V8 to all users in all AEC organizations."

This concept of power with simplicity is driven by four major innovations in MicroStation V8 XM Edition: structured workflows, structured content, 3D in PDF, and an updated GUI and new display subsystem.

-- Structured workflows: MicroStation V8 XM Edition dynamically
applies a specific set of tools, standards, and interface
elements to a particular task in a work process, enabling
users to work consistently and create consistent work.
Structured workflows present users with a focused palette of
tools specific to each task, rather than the entire set of
MicroStation commands. In addition, an organization's best
practices (along with project, corporate, and industry
standards) can be configured into MicroStation V8 XM Edition
for each task, providing a superior alternative to referencing
offline standards, manuals, and procedures.

The ability to specify the correct tools, standards, and
interface elements for each task in a workflow results in the
standardization of core processes, enhanced efficiency, fewer
errors throughout design and operations, and increased
reusability of design. Structured workflows cut the learning
curve for new users by reducing the number of tools they have
to learn and use to do their jobs. Experienced users get their
jobs done faster because they have instant access to tools
specific to each task.

-- Structured content: Managing and organizing project content is
made simpler in MicroStation V8 XM Edition by providing users
with a structure of their project-specific information. The
new edition provides a logical, structured view of projects,
enabling users to easily navigate project content, define
project organization, and establish and navigate links within
and between designs, drawings, and supporting documentation.

Managers now have the entire project and all of its complex
relationships at their fingertips, making milestone reviews
and project status reporting much simpler. This structured
view of project information within the MicroStation XM
interface also enables users to easily and intelligently
manage plot sets and project deliverables.

-- 3D in PDF: MicroStation V8 XM Edition provides a simple way of
packaging and delivering project information. With the touch
of a button, an entire AEC project - including MicroStation
and AutoCAD drawings, specifications, and PDF renditions of
Microsoft Office files - can be packaged in a single PDF
document. MicroStation V8 XM Edition users can now even
include animated 3D models in PDF files, enabling AEC
professionals and their clients to benefit from interactive 3D
visualization. These interactive PDF files allow users to
quickly navigate through an AEC project using hyperlinks,
bookmarks, and pages to get the information they need faster.

3D in PDF is a simple, powerful way to instantly improve the
quality of a design and engineering deliverable. Because it's
PDF, everyone on the client side can view it; because
MicroStation packages all project information into the PDF
document, the deliverable is complete and interactive; and,
because it's 3D, the deliverable richly expresses the entire
experience of the complex, roadway, or other asset to be built
or improved.

-- Updated GUI and new display subsystem: MicroStation V8 XM
Edition introduces an updated user interface with improved
customization tools to simplify design tasks. Patented
keyboard position mapping gives each user the flexibility to
configure his or her entire keyboard, providing immediate
access to any MicroStation command with the touch of a key.

MicroStation V8 XM Edition includes a new, more powerful, and
faster graphics system that significantly increases view and
navigation speed in 2D and 3D designs. This system leverages
Microsoft DirectX technology, the same high-speed graphics
technology that drives the video gaming industry. Element
transparency, support of 24-bit colors including the PANTONE
color system, and display priority have been added to further
advance MicroStation's design, drafting, and visualization

Attendees at BE Conference 2005, held May 8-12 in Baltimore, were able to preview the new MicroStation V8 XM Edition functionality. In addition to listening to keynote presentations from Bentley executives, attendees participated in New Technology Update sessions highlighting specific MicroStation V8 XM Edition functionality. Eager to try out this new technology, BE Conference attendees also filled every available seat in the XM test-drive sessions on each of the four days they were offered.

All of the latest information on MicroStation V8 XM Edition can be found at

MicroStation V8 XM Edition Early Access Program

The Early Access Program is the beta testing program for MicroStation V8 XM Edition. All SELECT subscribers are invited to participate by downloading the beta software from the SELECTservices Web site (login required). Feedback on the beta release is encouraged through a Bentley discussion group set up for this purpose. The Early Access Program discussion group can be found by going to and selecting bentley.microstation.v8.xmearlyaccess.

Additional Integration with ProjectWise V8 XM Edition

MicroStation and ProjectWise are completely integrated to provide AEC organizations with the most comprehensive platform for the design, construction, and operation of the world's infrastructure. Now, from within MicroStation, users have direct access to ProjectWise. Without leaving MicroStation they navigate a project's structure, view and search the project content, and link design elements to any document in a ProjectWise managed environment.

Also, MicroStation workspaces are now supported by ProjectWise V8 XM Edition, enabling users to manage them in the same way as any other project resource.

Lastly, AEC projects that standardize on the MicroStation XM Edition and ProjectWise XM Edition can use new Distributed DGN technology to support and streamline distributed engineering. In a Distributed DGN workflow, drawings and models can be edited in parallel, and changes are automatically merged together.

Innovations of the V8 Generation

Because MicroStation V8 XM Edition is a part of the V8 Generation, it also features the following innovations:

-- DWG Compatibility: Enables MicroStation users to work directly
with DWG files, DGN files, or any combination of the two. Only
in MicroStation can users fully participate in and deliver
projects in either popular format - a clear competitive
advantage for them and their organizations.

-- Digital Security: Allows electronic signatures on drawings, as
well as multi-level access privileges for projects.

-- Design History: Gives users the ability to isolate and view
any change or set of changes to a design. This is especially
helpful in Distributed DGN workflows if overlapping changes
occur, as users can selectively choose which changes to merge
together. Using Design History, users can record, review, and
restore a complete history of modifications, including all
data and references.

Examples of Structured Workflows

Design teams can use structured workflows to streamline and standardize their work processes. As an example, a simple visualization process may consist of three phases: creating the 3D model, adding lighting to the scene, and assigning materials. In the 3D modeling phase, instead of searching through a palette of many tools, the user is automatically presented with just the tools necessary to complete the 3D modeling task by MicroStation V8 XM Edition's interface. All of the relevant project and corporate design standards are integrated and enforced during that task.

When placing a wall, for example, the designer knows that all of the characteristics of that wall have already been preset in the system. The designer can now concentrate on the creative aspects of the work, not worrying about standards or finding the correct tools for the job. When the 3D modeling task is complete, the designer can move to the lighting task, and will again automatically be provided access to the tools and preset standards needed.

Civil engineering firms can use structured workflows to ensure that codes, standards, and tools are configured specifically for each step of the roadway design process. Once the survey is complete, the MicroStation V8 XM Edition interface will display only the set of tools necessary to complete the ground modeling task and ensure that the ground model is built to the correct standards.

Utilities and municipalities can use structured workflows to ensure that proper protocols are enforced in their end-to-end modeling processes. By building standards directly into the tools, the integrity of each process is ensured - from field inspection to final design approval.

About the BE Conference

The BE Conference, which consistently scores a 99 percent attendee satisfaction rating, is a once-a-year learning opportunity for Bentley users and their managers offering professional training, technology updates, keynotes, and best practice sharing. At these sessions, attendees better themselves, better their organizations, and better the ways they can improve the world's infrastructure. To pre-register for BE Conference 2006, go to

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