June 26, 2009 15:21 ET

Midday Trading Alert for the Following Technology Stocks-Google, Palm, and Apple: A MicroCapster Technology Report

LAS VEGAS, NEVADA--(Marketwire - June 26, 2009) - MicroCapster.com, a premier micro cap research firm, announces a midday alert on Google, Palm, and Apple. At MicroCapster we track stocks all over the market however our primary focus is to provide investors with winning micro cap and penny stock picks. We provide our subscribers with comprehensive due diligence on little known small cap stocks that look poised for explosive movement. Our free newsletter, "Why Small is the new BIG", focuses on stocks that fly under the radar and have tremendous upside.

Small is the new BIG. Google proves this. Let's look at the game changing play with the recent release of GOOG-411.

GOOG-411 is Google's new FREE 411 information service. With GOOG-411, you can find local business information completely free, directly from any phone including land-lines, VoIP or mobiles. You can access 1-800-466-4411 anywhere in the US and Canada, at any time. GOOG-411 can be used by consumers and business and supports features and functionality like "text messages" and "map it" from mobile phones.

Sure Google is a BIG, but Google creates an atmosphere of innovation that incubates small ideas and a spirit of entrepreneurism where Googlers are encouraged to spend work time on "small individual and team projects". Google understands that Small is the New Big. This is why we love Google.

Comparing RIM, Apple and Palm.

The old expression "One in the hand is worth two in the bush."

We'll stay away from the Palm and take the Apples and Berrys in the bush.

A recent survey by www.MarketResearch.com asked consumers if they were "Very Satisfied" with their current cell phone. The response: Apple's iPhone ranked number 1 at 79%, while Palm was dead last at 22%. When asked whether they would consider a new smart phone from RIM, Palm or Apple in the next 90 days, 35% of people responded "Yes" to buying an Apple, and only 3% said "Yes" to Palm.

In spite of encouraging sales results for their new "Pre" smart phone, we're not getting excited about Palm until they rebuild consumer confidence in their products.

Why Small Caps are the new BIG opportunity

Moore's Law dictates that the rate of technological development doubles every 18 months. Although the big guys are usually the players that wind up productizing or commercializing technology, most of the ideas and processes are initially engineered by small companies. Thus the technology landscape continues to reinvent itself by small companies - and the big companies who share small company culture and philosophies.

Look at Google. Big thinking small.

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