SOURCE: A to Z Veterinary Clinic

November 02, 2011 09:10 ET

Midland Veterinary Clinic Provides Free Wildlife Rehabilitation

MIDLAND, TX--(Marketwire - Nov 2, 2011) - A to Z Veterinary Clinic announced that its Midland veterinarians are providing free wildlife rehabilitation services. Veterinarian Dr. Jessica Todia holds a license for wildlife rehabilitation, and together with the veterinarians at the animal clinic, Dr. Todia helps to rehabilitate a variety of wildlife, including small mammals, birds of prey, amphibians and reptiles. Dr. Todia helps orphaned or injured wildlife recover in a safe, compassionate environment before returning the wildlife back to their natural habitat. In addition to wildlife rehab services, the animal clinic also provides routine pet well care for cats and dogs, exotic pet care and large animal care.

Dr. Jessica Todia, a veterinarian with A to Z Veterinary Clinic in Midland, Texas, announced that the clinic provides free rehabilitation services to injured Midland wildlife.

"Here in Midland, many orphaned or injured animals need a safe place to heal," said Dr. Todia. "Our animal clinic includes facilities for caring for wildlife before safely reintroducing them back to their natural habitat."

Dr. Todia is the only wildlife rehabilitator listed with the Texas Parks and Wildlife Services who is certified to rehabilitate animals in Midland County. Dr. Todia, along with the Midland veterinarians at A to Z Veterinary Clinic, helps rehab amphibians, reptiles, small mammals -- including fawns -- and birds of prey -- including screech owls and raptors -- safely heal.

The veterinary clinic's success stories include Frederika, a baby mountain lion who was found in downtown Presidio, Texas on a car by a border patrol agent. Dr. Todia was the only veterinarian who was willing to provide care for the malnourished, orphaned cub. The veterinary team nursed Frederika back to health, and she has now been reintroduced to her natural, rural environment.

The clinic has also successfully rehabilitated two fawns, nicknamed Jane Doe and John Deere.

"Here in Midland, we are lucky to live in a community surrounded by diverse wildlife," said Dr. Todia. "Unfortunately, like with all cities, sometimes our wild animals become injured, orphaned or lost due to man-made developments or traffic accidents. I'm proud to help rehabilitate these animals and return them to their natural environment."

When Dr. Todia is not helping to rehabilitate wildlife, she provides pet well care for cats, dogs, and horses, exotic pet care, and dog and cat surgery. She and her husband, Dr. Tommy Wilson, opened A to Z in 2000 and have been serving the Permian Basin for over a decade.

Services at the clinic include complete dental care and oral surgery, orthopedic surgeries, customized vaccination programs, spay and neuter surgeries for large, small and exotic pets, laser surgeries and chronic pain management.

Individuals who wish to learn more about the animal clinic's wildlife rehab program can visit the clinic's website, Pet owners who wish to schedule a routine pet well care appointment for their dog, cat, horse or exotic pet may do so by using the website's online appointment request form.

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