June 14, 2007 14:56 ET

MIDORI Presents: The Green With Envy Survey

New Study Reveals Deep Insight on Women and Envy

NEW YORK, NY--(Marketwire - June 14, 2007) - Note to Paris Hilton: Cat fights don't only happen in Hollywood. Truly almost every woman gets a little bit jealous, at least once in a while -- even the sweetest, nicest, most unpresumptuous females. Just what makes these angelic creatures turn green with envy? MIDORI, the bright green melon liqueur, surveyed American women ages 21-54 to find out just what gets those jealousy juices flowing.

While "happiness" is the single most desired "possession," it's not surprising that 71% of American women admit to some level of "body envy." From "her flat stomach and tiny waist" to her "perfect tan," beach body readiness reveals a lot about the way women view each others' assets. That's according to a new survey conducted among 510 American women by The Marketing Workshop, Inc. for MIDORI. Among the interesting results:

What was Annette Funicello really thinking?:

What do women envy when they see a beauty sunbathing at the beach? Seventy-one percent suffer from "body envy": 38% are most envious of her impossibly small waist and flat stomach; 17% envy her perfect tan (rising to 28% of 21-24 years olds, making one wish that SPF came with the ability to block jealousy as well as UV rays). Suzanne Somers, purveyor of the ThighMaster is sure to agree with the 14% of women who want the beach goddess' lean thighs and golden gams. Coming in last, a surprisingly small 3% care about her cleavage.

A Day in the Life:

Whose lifestyle do American women most envy? Media queen Oprah Winfrey came in first with a whopping 40% of women choosing her as the most enviable. In second place, at 7%, it's celebrity UN member, chronic adopter and Brad Pitt lover Angelina Jolie. In third place, it's the fabulous Ms. Beyonce who came in with 7% of the total tally and a whopping 29% of those 21-24. Finally, in an answer that makes one truly wonder with mock seriousness how large of a difference is there between a Harvard graduate and presidential hopeful and a trust fund endowed reality TV star, Hillary (4%) just noses out Paris Hilton (1%).

Don'tcha Wish Your Boyfriend Was...:

Although comediennes never seem to attract as many women as rock stars or athletes, it seems that a surprising 43% of women appreciate men who are "fun and have a great sense of humor." Knock, knock? Who's in second place as the guy every girl wishes they'd met first? According to 13% of women, it's a guy who's "smart and successful." For 9%, it's when he's "gorgeous and sexy," and just 3% go for the guy who's flashing the big time bling with a black American Express card, the key accessory for unlimited spending.

You Don't Know Me, You Want to Be Me:

Finally, to make themselves the object of others' envy, women would do a number of things. 32% of women are willing to lose the pounds just to make others jealous. In second place, with 21% of the general population, getting a new wardrobe with a personal shopper would be enough to make others quiver with envy, while 15% would take a professional makeover. Coming in last, a mere 11% would opt for plastic surgery, so if you still haven't called those 329,396 women who got implants last year, now is your chance.

She Works Hard for the Money:

Whose job would gals most like to have? More than half (56%) are most envious of adventure travel guides who get to travel all over the world, while just 17% say they'd prefer to be a Wall Street big-wig with a top salary and an even bigger bonus. Just 9% would like to be fashion editors who get all the best clothes -- for free! Party planners bring up the rear with 7% because while they may get to attend all the glamorous events, they have to work more than mingle with the guests.

The Pursuit of Happiness:

When asked "what's the one 'possession' they envy most," a resounding 42% of all women (47% of women between ages 25-34) answered "happiness." While money can't buy that priceless commodity, financial green makes women only slightly less green coming in with the second highest vote at 26%. "Beauty" is a distant third, with 6%, with 4% answering "power" and the glittering lights of Hollywood seem to have even less pull: "Fame" came in last with only 3%.

This study on Females Green with Envy was supervised by The Marketing Workshop on behalf of MIDORI Liqueur on a national omnibus survey. Five hundred and ten American Women between the ages of 21 and 44 and 45 to 54 were interviewed between March 29 and April 2, 2007. The data results were weighted to the National Census by age and region of the country.

The survey has a margin of error at the 95% confidence level on the totals of plus/minus 4.3 percentage points. Therefore sub-groups have a larger margin of error..

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