April 13, 2005 21:37 ET

MIG Records Artist, NINA SHAW, Hits #13 on R&R Charts!

HOLLYWOOD, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- April 13, 2005 -- MIG Records is proud to announce that their ingénue, R&B recording artist, Nina Shaw, has broken into the top of the R&R charts, as provided by Los Angeles radio station, KJLH 102.3FM!

This is an amazing success for the new, independent label, owned by Dr. Henry Jones. "We are very encouraged," said Dr. Jones, "to see such a tremendous ground swell of support for Nina. She is an incredibly talented artist and moreover truly respects and honors the gifts that she was given at birth."

Nina's story begins in Detroit, where from the tender age of three she entered and became instrumental in the church choir. By twelve she had entered and won her first talent show. Growing up under the influence of Motown and more importantly her mother, Nina embraced the talents the city nurtured, from Aretha Franklin to Anita Baker and Aaliyah.

Education propagated her next move to Louisiana's Southern University, winning a multitude of singing contests along the way, but it was the pursuit of her dream that brought her to the City of Angeles and into the nurturing fold of MIG Records. Under Dr. Jones' watchful eye, Nina was entered into the artist development track and within short order had the founding elements to an astounding debut album.

This spring saw the release of Nina's first single, "My Way," which was produced with Bangladesh. The response has been outstanding. From the cover of BRE Magazine, to being a featured artist on Don Cornelius' "Soul Train," to narrator of Urban Beauty Collective's, "UBC Radio CD," to being on the red carpet of many high-profile events such as the Artist Empowerment Collation and "Beauty Shop" premiere, Nina has been tapped as one of R&B's next "It" girls. She has "it," that indescribable, unquantifiable quality that simply radiates stardom.

MIG Records encourages fans and industry alike to tap into to stay atop the latest developments. Nina's album is available nationwide at such fine retailers as Tower Records and Sam Goody's (for a complete list of stores in your area, please visit Nina's site --

The fans make a difference! For Nina, the fans have made her star ascend, inundating request lines for her first single "My Way" (off her debut album "For You"). "Nina is living proof," said Dr. Jones, "that talent does prevail. As an independent, Nina getting ranked higher than such luminaries as Mariah Carey and Destiny's Child, is simply fantastic, it is a great nod to the Programming and Managing Directors of the radio stations to know that the voice of the audience still carries such weight."

Beyond her commitment to her music and her church, Nina is an active proponent of the "Digital Divide," a mandate encouraged by Dr. Jones, which propels individuals to embrace digital technologies, from computers to cell phones, to specific applications such as emailing and surfing the web. Given the rapid advancement of society at large, knowledge and use of technological skills ensure an individuals' employability. Lack of these same skills may find one outmoded. Beyond living on her PDA and being surgically attached to her cell phone, Nina communicates with her fans via her website,, through email and yes, even through the good ole' US Postal Service!

For more information on Nina Shaw, MIG Records and Dr. Henry Jones, please call Media Relations (310) 822-5873 Ext. 128 and email:

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