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May 25, 2010 02:30 ET

Migration Changes Could Affect Those Wishing to Study in Australia

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwire - May 25, 2010) - New changes to the Skilled Migration Program could affect students wishing to study in Australia.

In recent years, Australia has enjoyed a steady influx of international students choosing the country as their base, while studying for an undergraduate or postgraduate degree, as well as other courses to help them gain residency there.

However, the new list of skilled occupations for migrants seeking to live in Australia has been halved with recent Government changes, which could mean people will look towards studying in other countries instead and thus causing a detrimental effect to the Australian education system.

University students have previously revealed that they have chosen to study there because of its reputation as a multicultural location with residents from lots of different countries. Australia has also long been seen as having an accepting view of foreigners.

Last year, there were over 600,000 international students who went into the country and who registered at Australian educational institutions. The students originated from over 200 different countries and all chose to obtain their qualifications in Australia.

As well as the laidback and friendly attitude of the country, students claim they were encouraged to study in Australia because of the quality of the education system as well as the cosmopolitan urban lifestyle in places like Sydney and Melbourne.

A spokesperson for Global Visas, the world's biggest student immigration agency, says: 'Graduates from Australian institutions work globally at the highest levels in business. The Australian education system is excellent and it is such a multicultural country that it would be a great shame if the news affected the system'.

The changes have apparently been brought in to ensure the country gets the right people for each trade with the right qualification, as it is thought in the past the education system was largely driving migration rather than skills needs.

Existing students who have already begun to study in Australia have been assured that their situation will not be affected. It has been said that as they have invested heavily in their education in the country, they will be cared for in the appropriate manner and under the policies promised to them at the beginning. This means they will be kept in residence in the country.

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