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July 14, 2011 01:31 ET

Mike and Rosa Gross, Founders of One Sharp Marriage, Not Only Keep the Spark Alive, They Ignite It

WINDSOR, MA--(Marketwire - Jul 14, 2011) - For the husband and wife team of Mike and Rosa Gross (One Sharp Marriage,, blindfolds, long-stem roses, Spiderman costumes, whips, crossbows, a Wheel of Death and flaming knives are all part of their day's work as professional entertainers.

It started when the kids left home and the couple looked for something new to keep the spark alive. Like the marriage experts suggest: "Share a new activity. Try ballroom dancing. Take tennis lessons. Eat at a new restaurant."

Nowhere on these lists was "throw knives around your wife" or "shoot a crossbow at your husband's head." They did try tennis first, until Mike's back acted up.

They also entertained at local block parties. Mike did comedy skits and threw tomahawks; Rosa handed them to him. One day Mike had an inspiration: "Rosa, you know what would be great? If you stood up here and I threw the knives around you.'"

Rosa thought Mike was nuts, but she slowly warmed up to the idea, inching closer and closer until she stood in front of the target while her husband of 20-plus years threw 14-inch knives around her.

That was in 2000. Since then, they formed One Sharp Marriage and have performed on TV, at festivals, fairs and conventions, and in Wild West, Vegas and Pirate style shows. They'd love to perform at a marriage retreat.

In 2010, they turned the tables. After seeing a crossbow act, Mike bought a crossbow for each of them. Rosa was a better shot; she could consistently hit the heart on a playing card from 20 feet. Mike convinced her to shoot an apple off his head. "I kept aiming too high," Rosa said. "To hit the apple, Mike said I should aim closer to his head. That was hard to do." The stunt is now a part of their act.

While most couples recite their "till death do us part" wedding vows and squirrel them away, the Grosses put their vows to the test every time they perform.

"We completely trust each other," Mike explains. "We talk about the circle of love, trust and forgiveness that makes a marriage. In our act, we demonstrate trust. Hopefully, we won't have to demonstrate forgiveness."

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