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July 02, 2010 09:15 ET

Mike the Pike Productions' SpokeFish Announces Graphic Novel Slate Selection

SpokeFish Finalizes Selection of First Three Graphic Novels for Production and Publishing

LOS ANGELES, CA--(Marketwire - July 2, 2010) -  (PINKSHEETS: MIKP) -- Mike the Pike Productions is pleased to announce that it has worked with partner Spoke Lane Entertainment to finalize their selection for the first three graphic novels to be produced and published by their recently spawned banner, SpokeFish:

1) Bulderlyns (FANTASY): A small town just outside of Chicago is turned upside down when a businessman brings his son a rare Bulderlyn egg from a trip overseas. The egg hatches and the town is besieged by one of the two mythical creatures inside. The small boy and the smaller, remaining creature learn the true meaning of trust and courage as they attempt to save the town from destruction.

2) R.E.M. (SCI-FI THRILLER): In New York City, behind a series of locks, lives Michael Letto, a brilliant but paranoid neuroscientist. Since his first and only love died, he's become consumed with unlocking the mystery of sleep. Based on ancient practices, Michael sets forth to devise a chair that enables one to attain a full nights sleep in a matter of minutes. His theories bring him to the attention of both the military and a shrouded religious order that will stop at nothing to attain his secret. As Michael grows closer to realizing his dream, he starts to unravel, trapped in an inescapable nightmare as visions of his lost love worsen.

3) Chasing Rabbits (DARK CRIME THRILLER): Officer Alice Liddell finds herself on the hunt for a serial killer after several headless female corpses have turned up around Wonderland and no one seems to be doing anything about it. The more Alice begins to investigate, the more she falls down the rabbit hole into a strange underworld of drugs, gambling, and prostitution operated by The Queen, a flamboyant crime lord who demands to be called "your majesty". Hurtling forward with clues from one strange character after another, she learns to trust no one. With all of the details based on Lewis Carroll's renowned books Alice's Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, it is a unique blend of visual elements and characters in a dark thriller like we've never before seen.

MTP CEO and President Mark B. Newbauer and Spoke Lane Principal, Ryan Colucci selected the books from a handful of carefully selected candidates with consideration to both creative merits and overall profitability. Another heavy consideration were projects the team felt were strong toward film rights sales or independent production. One book, R.E.M. is already being heavily considered for independent development and all three compile a solid slate of books that the team feels will position SpokeFish in the market with impact. "Much credit there goes to the experience and credibility that comes with Ryan Colucci as project manager (bio below)," states Newbauer. "These books can become massively profitable and, albeit a speculative industry overall, the IP gained here is tremendous in line with the Motion Pictures Industry's turn to graphic novels as a primary source for content being that they get to "see the movie" before they buy it. Further, if independently produced, the potential for both the feature film product and the graphic novel, is exponentially increased as per industry trends. People are much more excited about a graphic novel that's adapted for screen and vice versa, and many are taking notice of the adaptations, celebrating what used to be a dirty little secret. Recent adaptations include Shutter Island, The Losers, Kick-Ass and the notable Sherlock Holmes, starring Robert Downey, Jr., the film that definitively proves graphic novels are the new spec script, as writer Lionel Wigram's source comic remains unpublished and was produced in lieu of a speculative script."

SpokeFish is underway on a website for the banner with links to individual websites for each book. MTP will be releasing overall SpokeFish advantages, strategies and in-depth details regarding each book with up to date announcements with each step taken including creative talent attached, artwork releases, mini-books, etc. "so that shareholders can witness the birth of each novel as we move forward with production," states Newbauer. 

Ryan Colucci is an alumnus of the prestigious Peter Stark Producing MFA Program at USC. He received his BA in Film Studies and Production from Hofstra University, graduating Suma Cum Laude. Before that he pursued a degree in Accounting from Villanova University and spent a year at Cambridge University in England studying Economics. He has over eight years of experience in the film industry, having worked in development for Artisan/Lion's Gate (Blair Witch Project, The Punisher) and Disney (Pirates of the Caribbean, Freaky Friday). Upon graduation, he worked at Snoot Entertainment, where he was a producer on the CG-animated feature Battle for Terra 3D, released through Lionsgate nationwide in May of 2009.

Ryan Colucci, along with acclaimed director Mike Newell, is teaming up with Warner Brothers Pictures to produce Terry Brooks' Shannara fantasy series (twelve books in total). Terry is the fourth best-selling fantasy author of all time, behind only JR Tolkien, JK Rawlings and CS Lewis. In the summer of 2008, Ryan sold his script Lobo to Stone Village Pictures (Touristas, Human Stain, Love in the Time of Cholera). Ryan started Spoke Lane to produce a variety of genre fare for the publishing and film worlds. The first project out of his banner is the graphic novel Harbor Moon. Financed independently and produced by Spoke Lane, the hotly anticipated book is set for release in the winter of 2009 through award-winning publisher Arcana Studio. Colucci is thrilled to be working with Newbauer and MTP Productions by launching SpokeFish with combined strengths and efforts toward efficient production, profitable publishing with the intent to market projects for film rights sales, co-production or independent production. 

Producers Ryan Colucci, Beth Newbauer and Mark B. Newbauer present: George R.R. Martin's THE SKIN TRADE: From the best-selling author of the Song of Ice and Fire series comes this white knuckle chiller with a string of unsolved murders immersed deep in lycan lore: When a series of grotesque killings strikes her small hometown, private detective Randi Wade becomes suspicious. The grisly murders remind her all too much of her own father's death nearly 20 years ago. Now there is a killer in town who not only slays his victims, but also takes their skin. Undaunted, Randi takes the case head-on as the murders continue, each more brutal than the last. When a close friend suddenly becomes a target, he is forced to reveal a startling secret about himself and Randi is quickly pulled into a dark world within her own town where monsters do exist and even they have something to fear...

MTP Studios & Horseplay, LLC present: HORSE -- a wild ride through the streets of Ft. Wayne on a night no one will forget... if they live to remember... as they take part against some not-so-friendly parties on the prowl for a missing bag of Heroin. It's a race against time for a club-owner, a drug mule, two college kids and a sadistic Irish kingpin in from Chicago to reclaim his stake. SCREENPLAY IN FINAL STAGES OF REVISION WITH ONLY WEEKS LEFT IN PRE-PRODUCTION!!! LOOK FOR ANNOUNCEMENTS ABOUT THIS EXCITING PROJECT: COMING SOON!!!



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