March 10, 2008 17:12 ET

Military & Aerospace Electronics Forum -- AMREL Introduces Their Rugged COTS, High Power Density Fixed Power Supply

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - March 10, 2008) - AMREL/AMERICAN RELIANCE pushes the power envelope to enclose 1.2kW in a 16"X7.5"X3.5" package -- over a 30% power increase versus the leading competing product.

AMREL continues to innovate and diversify its technological capabilities in their customer-centric tradition with the introduction of AMREL's new Military Grade MFP1200. A military field application existed that demanded a smaller, more powerful, clean and MIL-STD rugged 28Vdc source. Once again, AMREL's customer-driven engineering team designed a blueprint to overcome 3 major technical limitations -- Convection-cooled 1.2kW output, wide range 95% PFC input and a precision-regulated dc output with less than 5mVrms of noise. The design targets were exceeded and now AMREL is launching another industry first -- the silent, sealed and rugged C.O.T.S. MFP1200.

AMREL's Military-grade MFP-1200 effectively powers your dc devices in the harshest outdoor conditions. In a concentrated effort to deliver a versatile and reliable power source for military field applications, AMREL pushes the power envelope to enclose 1.2kW in a 16"X7.5"X3.5" package -- over a 30% power increase versus the leading competing product. Without sacrificing performance, the conformal coated internal dc power engine is enclosed in a rain, dust, sleet and sand resistant package, sealed watertight and then extensively tested under temperature cycles from -40°C ~ 65°C. This ensures quality performance even under severe operating conditions. Electrically speaking, the MFP-1200 utilizes an innovative PFC design that takes 95 ~ 250Vac/45~440Hz ac input and also can run off of 95 ~ 250Vdc, a unique feature specific to AMREL's MFP-1200. For applications with a 400Hz ac generator or a dc power source, simply plug in AMREL's MFP-1200, and power devices on your aerial or ground vehicle with an adjustable dc voltage from 24 ~ 28Vdc @ 1.2kW. The MFP-1200 generates a precision-regulated dc output with a ripple of 5mVrms, providing the ideal source for noise-sensitive devices. Designed according to MIL-STD810D Shock and Vibration standards as well as MIL-STD 461E EMI/RFI standards, the MFP-1200 is a clean, tough and powerful dc source for your application needs.

Come visit AMREL's booth at the Military and Aerospace Forum at booth # 503 and talk with an application engineer about your application requirements or call AMREL at 1(800) 654-9838 or e-mail For high resolution images contact Anthony Visnjevic at

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