SOURCE: Center for Global Food Issues

October 20, 2005 15:04 ET

Milk Blog: How Faulty Consumer Research Leads to Misleading Marketing and Reduces Milk Consumption

CHURCHVILLLE, VA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- October 20, 2005 -- Alex Avery has posted his second entry in a two-part Milk is Milk blog which addresses consumer research and marketing influences impacting attitudes about milk and corresponding purchasing behavior. Part one of Avery's analysis and commentary challenged the validity of certain types of consumer research regarding dairy-related issues. In part two, Avery reviews how that research is translated into misleading marketing claims and how these claims ultimately reduce milk consumption.

Avery writes, "[It's about] creating a market for higher-priced products by scaring consumers about conventional, non-organic milk. Farmers being led to believe that they should abandon tools like productivity supplements, antibiotics or traditional crop protection methods beware. It's a slippery slope to marketing your product out of demand while shrinking the total dairy market."

Blogger Alex Avery's latest Milk is Milk blog on the subject can be found at

Avery is the research director for the Hudson Institute's Center for Global Food Issues; his blog addresses marketing issues in the dairy industry which affect consumers, dairy farmers and processors. To learn more, visit or

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