Superior Quilting Limited

Superior Quilting Limited

September 29, 2010 11:00 ET

Millano Health and Home Products Offer Relief from Bed Bugs

Superior Quilting Limited Launches a New SilverClear™ Line of Bedding and Household Sprays for a Healthy Lifestyle

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Sept. 29, 2010) - Bed bugs are quickly becoming an epidemic in cities worldwide. Contrary to popular belief, you are at risk whether you live in a luxury home, a boutique condo or a rundown apartment building. These pests are now being discovered in theatres, hotels, libraries and even hospitals. They hitch rides on everything from luggage to clothing and can hide virtually anywhere undetected. In the past, harmful pesticides were the solution to controlling this problem but since their recent ban Bed Bugs have been spreading at an alarming rate. Relief is on the way. 

Superior Quilting, a Canadian owned and operated company is doing their part to help with the introduction of a new line of Millano healthy bedding products and household sprays. With over 25 years experience in the bedding industry, Superior Quilting has established themselves as a reliable and forward thinking company. Recently they acquired the exclusive license to manufacture and distribute their bedding products treated with a revolutionary new technology called SilverClear™. 

SilverClear™ is a Canadian made product originally developed by a team of researchers, manufacturers and health care professionals seeking a silver-based solution to heal severe burns and chronic wounds. When applied at sufficient concentrations, independent lab tests revealed impressive results in the fight against dust mites, mold and most importantly bed bugs. Containing no harmful toxins or chemicals, SilverClear™ treated products are registered as a class 1 medical device in Canada and were recently awarded an EPA approval in the United States. SilverClear™ is a healthy way to keep your house fresh and has also been proven to reduce the symptoms of asthma while reducing odours.

Superior Quilting Limited was founded by Joey Benoliel in 1985 to provide consumers with a premium selection of bedding and home fashions. The company offers a full range of SilverClear™ treated bedding products as well as a versatile SilverClear™ Fabric Refresher for today's health conscious consumer. Millano's line of healthy bedding products offers relief from bed bugs and other organisms by way of a breathable polyurethane barrier. This barrier is guaranteed to keep these pests out, protecting yourself and your mattress. Superior Quilting is in the process of signing exclusivity deals with major retailers and SilverClear™ treated products are expected to hit the shelves as early as this month.

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