Who will be Tops in Texas in 2011?

February 10, 2011 19:28 ET

Milly Kammerdiener of Nominated Top Realtor in Texas

HOUSTON, TX--(Marketwire - February 10, 2011) - announced today that Milly Kammerdiener has been nominated and was approved for the 2010 list of nominees from the Houston area for the Top Realtor in Texas contest. Director of Research & Polling for Tops In Texas, Robert Brecht, Ph.D., aka "Dr. Bob," confirmed, "Milly and her husband Cory have one of the most unique business models we have ever seen, period. Rarely do you run across a company with the level of integrity we discovered with and Milly Kammerdiener."

"We're excited to get the nomination," said Milly. "Now we want to win!" Tops In Texas and its parent brand Tops In America run contests to determine the "tops" in more than 200 business categories based on nominees driving votes to the polls. The contests last all year long and provide both nominees and winners with the unique distinction associated with being Tops In Texas. "We were honored and humbled when Premier Agent Magazine made us the subject of their cover story in January," said broker and husband, Cory Kammerdiener. "And now the Tops In Texas association has us fired up to help Milly win."

"Small businesses need to figure out ways to make Facebook and Twitter work for them," said Dr. Bob. "Most businesses are left wondering what they can say on Twitter and Facebook. We designed Tops In Texas to help businesses take control of their brand and do so specifically through Internet marketing options such as email marketing and social media, by giving them something meaningful to say. And what is more meaningful to a small business than saying, 'Please vote for me for Tops In Texas?' It changes the way people are allowed to think about that business... forever."

Milly Kammerdiener and husband Cory run, a unique real estate brokerage firm serving both residential and commercial customers. "However," Milly adds, "we're uniquely focused on the seamless blending of Christian ministry and first time home ownership services." runs contests in seven Texas cities and beginning in March launches in six Louisiana cities. Some winners will appear in Tops In Texas advertising. Since 2004 Tops In Texas has run contests and taken advertisers into local editions of national magazines such as TIME, NEWSWEEK, BON APPETIT, FOOD & WINE and more.

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