Mina Mar Group, Inc.

Mina Mar Group, Inc.

January 11, 2011 13:13 ET

Mina Mar Group (MMG) Received Apology From Investors Hub: Stock Bashers Identified as per Court Order

TORONTO, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Jan. 11, 2011) - Mina Mar Group (www.minamargroup.com) advises its followers that, as per Ontario court order, stock bashers are now being identified and the Company received a letter of apology from the invetorshub.com.

MMG welcomes all input and assistance from followers. Followers are free to track these culprits with their disclosed IP numbers at the following links. As one can see, some of these IP numbers point to some very interesting sources, which in our opinion should not be expressing an opinion on stocks of any sort. See http://www.minamargroup.com/stock_bashers.php for details and the letter of apology.

MMG is now in the enforcement proceedings stage of its litigation. MMG uses this opportunity to publicly contact all effected shareholders/followers of the issuers whose values has suffered as a result of these stock bashing activities and offer them the opportunity to share in the cash proceeds to be equally distributed on a pro rated basis. In the event the payout sum to each effected follower (due to the sheer volume of effected followers) creates a sum payout that is insignificant in lieu of the aforementioned, MMG intends to donate the entire sum to a battered women or abused/exploited children-type of charity organization instead. MMG would like to see some good come out of this senseless activity the Defendants engaged in. Investorshub has made some strides to comply with the court order and continues to tap dance around the more pressing issues such as the removal of all non fact based, twisted and slated posts which may in our opinion influence traders one way or another with their holdings. A contempt of court proceedings seeking incarceration of Investorshub principals originally scheduled for late December 2010, has been rescheduled for February 2011, to allow Investorshub more than reasonable time frame to comply with the court order.

In other company news, MMG is pleased to announce the launch of EARLY ALERTS. EARLY ALERTS will be released on both selected and non client issuers, with topics that may provide the trader a leg up based on various assertions, analysis, and projections made by the company and analyzed by MMG. These alerts can be subscribed at www.minamargroup.net.

More details will be provided shortly as they become available.

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