August 16, 2005 10:00 ET

Mincom Secures Australian Defense Logistics Contract

DENVER--(CCNMatthews - Aug 16, 2005) -

Mincom, Australia's largest commercial software company, and the Australian Defense Force (ADF) will develop the world's first fully deployable, fully integrated, tri-services military logistics solution, in an agreement approved by the Federal Government in late June.

Under the multi-million dollar contract, Mincom will commence work immediately on the first stage of Joint Project 2077 (JP2077), which is to develop and refine options and costs for the upgrade of ADF's existing logistics system backbone. The JP2077 project will progressively deliver a fully integrated system referred to as Military Integrated Logistics Information System (MILIS).

According to Mincom Chief Executive Officer, Richard Mathews, Mincom and the ADF have agreed on a new software development model that will lead the world in establishing a common global defense industry solution.

"Traditionally, defense organizations buy software off the shelf and customize it according to their needs. When the base software needs updating, the cost of a new version plus the expense of further customization is incurred," Mr. Mathews said. "The Mincom model will foster the development of a common global defense industry solution. The software needs little customization, reducing through-life support, costs and risks. Above all, it enhances interoperability -- a critical factor for all of the global defense forces with whom we are engaged."

The JP2077 project will upgrade the existing logistics backbone and improve information management and business processes in the supply, maintenance and finance areas. The existing logistics backbone is used to procure, manage, maintain and track asset movement through the logistics chain from ordering to operational end use within the ADF.

Financial accountability and financial reporting of assets and inventory are essential for the ADF and the Government, and not surprisingly JP2077 mandates a priority on the financial areas to ensure compliance with emerging International Finance Regulatory Standards and existing audit requirements.

In addition, the JP2077 project scope includes development of new capabilities, such as deployability, to provide system functionality, even during interrupted communications; in-transit visibility which involves the tracking of inventory and consignments to and from military theaters of operation; and a Mincom Ellipse upgrade to provide the latest technology and architecture for enhanced usability and lower through-life support costs.

Mr. Mathews said that JP2077 continues a long relationship between Mincom and the ADF. "Mincom signed a 25-year contract with the ADF in 1991 to develop a tri-service logistics system suitable for the military. We built the backbone logistics system, which was installed into more than 1,000 business units within ADF. JP2077 and the MILIS outcome now provides the forward development path for the next decade," Mr. Mathews said.

Mincom's success with the ADF, the rich functionality of its software and the depth of its service experience has helped the company to penetrate the global defense market in recent years.

Customers include the Canadian Department of National Defense, the Chilean Navy, Royal Brunei Armed Forces, Botswana Defense Force, Britain's Royal Navy (Faslane Nuclear Submarine Base), Lockheed Martin (supplier to the U.S. Coast Guard), CAT Logistics (supplier to the U.S. Marine Corps) and Kwajalein Range Systems (supplier to the U.S. Army Space and Missile Defense Command).

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