SOURCE: Psigenics Corporation

Psigenics Corporation

April 14, 2015 14:06 ET

Mind Enabled Technology, a New Mind-Controlled Game Interface

Special Hardware and Processing Allows Gamers to Interact Without Connections

GAINESVILLE, FL--(Marketwired - Apr 14, 2015) -  Psigenics Corporation announces the creation of a new website,, to demonstrate its patented mind-controlled game technology. The technology, ME Tech for short, allows game players to influence game play without using any of the traditional controls currently available. Unlike brain-controlled interfaces or other biometric inputs, the new device does not require any electronic connection, optical measurements or other contact with the gamer.

In its simplest form the player uses the normal controls for interaction with the game, such as a joy stick or game controller. When an event arises that would normally have its outcome determined by a random number generator, the player uses focused mental intention to make the outcome more favorable. With a little practice the shift in results can be substantial. This gives the gamer a direct and immediate control in many situations of game play using his or her mind.

Games can be designed that use only direct mental control, where small shifts in probability can be used to control events that build up to large changes in results to determine scores and winners.

The ME Trainer is a game-like application on the new website that demonstrates a form of this direct control using mental focus. It allows users to practice, monitor and improve their skill level. They can compare to other users' abilities and compete in a promotional skill-based contest for cash prizes.

ME Tech can be provided online through a service connected with a game (the approach used with the ME Trainer), through a USB-connected device on a game console or built directly into a game console our player device.

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