September 21, 2009 09:00 ET

MIND360 Unveils Online, Scientifically-Proven Game-Based Brain Training for a Healthier Society

It's Fun to Use Your Head

NEW YORK, NY and HERZLIA, ISRAEL--(Marketwire - September 21, 2009) - Today, MIND360 formally announced its game-based approach to brain fitness. The company's integrated approach combines three key elements of brain fitness -- activities that focus on specific cognitive skills, activities that compel repetition, and personalized coaching. When fully utilized, the company's games should enhance the player's mental acuity, enrich their quality of life, maximize their overall potential, and promote a feeling of achievement and satisfaction. As such, it is the most effective solution on the market.

MIND360's brain-training games are aimed at a wide-ranging audience of ages 35 through 60, from parents to baby boomers to seniors. The company aims to make brain fitness technology widely available, ultimately promoting a healthier society comprised of healthier people.

To accomplish this goal, MIND360 called upon leading cognitive psychologists and world-class online game designers to create both fun and scientifically-proven methods for boosting and sustaining mental health. The company's interactive online solutions are cost-effective and combine unique cognitive training methods and engaging activities, plus coaching and personal feedback. To make brain training even more enjoyable, the company connects people who share similar interests and lifestyles, through messaging, chats, and forums.

"With MIND360's online game-based solution, users will be offered a personalized training program based on their cognitive skills -- a program designed to maximize their thinking abilities," said Danny Aboody, MIND360 CEO. "As they train their brains, MIND360 creates a personal cognitive profile that allows users to compare themselves to their friends, neighbors, and high-school classmates.

"MIND360 users have said they can stay focused for longer periods of time with increased alertness and awareness," stated Aboody. "Others have said they can make faster and wiser decisions, that their productivity has increased, and that they can easily remember the names and faces of people they meet. The best part is that people who have used MIND360's brain-training solutions feel better about themselves."

"Comprehensive mental training is very important to MIND360," said Dr. Eran Chajut, MIND360's chief scientist. "Our programs are scientific, offering users a focused activity for training on a specific cognitive skill -- but they're also a lot of fun, which is why they keep on playing. "MIND360 also provides an exceptional user experience with customized personal training programs to heighten existing cognitive skills and facilitate swift progress."

MIND360's engaging brain training games strengthen key cognitive functions, including memory, attention, executive functions, thinking and reasoning, and visual perception, and all in enjoyable ways. The solution comprises a proprietary Systematic Measure Reporting and Tracking (SMRT) system, which provides feedback detailing cognitive strengths and weaknesses. Each program comes complete with a personal coach to provide personalized feedback. MIND360 offers online forums for easy access to cognitive science information as well as the opportunity for members to challenge other members at brain games.

Giving back to society is important to MIND360. As such, the company has embarked on a Care to Share Charity Campaign whereby it is inviting the public to select a worldwide, non-profit organization actively promoting personal development, well being, or education, to which MIND360 will donate funds. The selected charity will receive 10% of the company's profits, up to $100,000 per year. Anyone is free to nominate the charity of their choice by voting for their favorite organization's name.

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