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February 01, 2010 14:05 ET

Mindbloom Unveils First Online, Visual Inspiration and Goal Setting Service Designed for Coaches and Their Clients

Innovative Online Experience Offers Coaches a Simple, Fun and Effective Way to Help Clients Identify Priorities, Set Goals, Take Action on Commitments and Track Progress

SEATTLE, WA--(Marketwire - February 1, 2010) - Mindbloom today announced a 14 day free trial with the launch of its online, visual inspiration and goal setting service that is optimized for coaches and their clients. Unlike other Web-based personal development tools or sites, Mindbloom provides a visually rich, interactive environment for depicting how a life vision can be transformed into meaningful goals and actionable steps that encourage forward movement. Mindbloom blends inspirational imagery and purpose-centric social networking features, wrapped within a visually playful interface and subtle game-like mechanics with proven goal-setting techniques to keep individuals motivated and engaged.

Mindbloom ( utilizes the visual metaphor of growing a "life tree" with branches representing the key areas of life that an individual wants to focus on and leaves representing specific goals and actionable steps. Clients grow and maintain their own tree, which can be personalized by creating unique names for branches and leaves and by selecting inspiring images from a gallery or uploading their own images. Mindbloom encourages users to take small steps toward their goal on a daily or weekly basis and in doing so they keep their tree healthy and the leaves green.

Robert MacPhee, of Canfield Platinum Coaching, describes Mindbloom as "a dynamic, engaging resource that allows me to better support my clients in staying clear about what their most important goals are and what actions they need to be taking to reach those goals. In using the system, my clients become acutely aware of whether they are taking their most important actions on a daily basis."

Mindbloom is permissions-based, ensuring that users can determine with whom they want to share their tree and to what level of detail. Clients can share their tree with their coach as well as with family and friends. Once permission has been granted, client trees become visible to their coach. Optionally, the coach's tree (or allowed aspects) can become visible to their clients as well.

Debbie Daniels, MSW of Life Action Coaching says, "I have been using Mindbloom with both individual and group coaching clients and have found such benefit when it comes to tracking my clients, their commitments and our work together. I have a much greater sense of connection to my clients, which translates into a stronger relationship, more trust and success. My clients enjoy using Mindbloom and are benefitting greatly from using it. Personally, it helps me track my own business development and athletic goals."

Mindbloom optimizes the process of individual and group coaching client support and communication, especially between sessions. The unique interface allows coaches to quickly assess client progress by visually surveying the health of their trees as well as by reviewing a variety of at-a-glance summaries. The Mindbloom system also features an easy-to-use messaging system for delivering quick messages of encouragement or celebration to clients.

"With Mindbloom, clients are inspired and motivated to take new actions that lead to agreed-upon coaching results, while at the same time coaches are provided with a quick and convenient way to monitor their clients' progress and to stay in touch with clients between sessions. This between-session communication leads to richer and more productive coaching conversations," added Susan MacCaul Siegmund, M.A., Mindbloom vice president of Product & Partner Marketing and Certified Coach.

Mindbloom is a subscription-based service with rates ranging from $9 per month (U.S. dollars) to $39 for an annual subscription. Coaches and clients alike can take advantage of a 14-day free trial.

Mindbloom has also launched an affiliate program which provides coaches with a commission for every subscription they refer. Additionally, Mindbloom has bulk subscription pricing for coaches who want to offer Mindbloom to their clients. Email for more information.

About Mindbloom

Mindbloom is an online visual inspiration and goal-setting service that motivates individuals to grow the life they want. Mindbloom is an incredibly rich and interactive online environment that is simple to use and offers an effective way for coaches to help their clients set goals or intentions, balance their roles, indentify priorities, take forward moving action, track progress and more. Mindbloom is visually engaging and blends inspirational media and social networking features with proven goal-setting techniques that keep people motivated to achieve lasting results. Built by former executives and developers from Amazon, Monolith, AOL, Microsoft, Adobe and Nintendo, Mindbloom also has a team of certified coaches who serve on an advisory board. For more information visit or email

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