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September 09, 2010 00:01 ET

Mindjet Deal Navigator Helps Top Sales Professionals Gain Essential Customer Insights Needed to Drive Deals

Visual Sales Planning Tool for Users Adopted by Hundreds of Sales Professionals

SAN FRANCISCO, CA--(Marketwire - September 9, 2010) -  Mindjet®, the leading provider of software and web-based applications for visually organizing and managing information and ideas, today announced widespread adoption of Mindjet Deal Navigator™ by leading sales organizations including®. Mindjet recently delivered version 1.1 of the native® application, which helps sales teams dramatically improve the efficiency of their account management efforts, including planning, strategy, and review phases. Mindjet Deal Navigator is now used by more than 250 enterprise sales representatives within Salesforce, and at leading organizations around the globe including Corticon® and Aravo.

Mindjet Deal Navigator provides a simple, one-click solution to a common sales management problem -- organizing and displaying the information necessary to evaluate deal status, identify potential issues, and agree on next steps without wasting time on presentation creation and data duplication. Mindjet Deal Navigator takes contact data stored in the user's account and automatically creates a visual organization chart that shows reporting hierarchy and can be easily annotated to illustrate key information about each account. Mindjet Deal Navigator enables sales teams to instantly see the decision makers and influencers for each opportunity and visually identify contact roles, such as "champion" and "evaluator," as well as indicate a contact's disposition toward the deal using preference flags and icons.

Mindjet Deal Navigator now also includes "Tag" functionality, enabling professionals to better account for large quantities of contacts, quickly understand reporting structures, and account for key contacts that have left an organization. By using the "Tag" feature, sales representatives can now easily search for specific contacts or groups of contacts by specific criteria and then tag only the ones that they want to appear in the organization chart while all other contacts are removed from view. 

Customer Support for Mindjet Deal Navigator

  • Mark Allen, CEO, Corticon
    "Mindjet Deal Navigator is a simple and powerful way to understand the people involved in your deals, their reporting structures and their disposition. As they say, a picture is worth a thousand words. Once constructed, Mindjet Deal Navigator helps everyone involved in the deal understand the organizational dynamics far more quickly and focus their attention on the key people needed to win the deal. This is a must-have app for anyone doing enterprise selling."

  • Doug Markle, Vice President, Global Sales, Aravo
    "We've really been very happy using Deal Navigator for our enterprise sales efforts. Our solutions are used by large enterprises, necessitating the ability to manage multiple stakeholders and influencers across functional area. Our ability to understand the organizational hierarchy for each large account, the key contacts, and being able to identify each contact's disposition towards us as a sponsor, power sponsor, or influencer helps us determine where we need to focus our efforts. The application is very easy to use and adoption has been quick and painless. We're glad to have implemented Deal Navigator in our sales team."

  • Elay Cohen, Vice President, Global Sales Productivity,
    "Millions of professionals in more than 72,000 companies worldwide rely daily on our sales and customer relationship management solutions to drive their business. Mindjet Deal Navigator provides users with an added visual representation of key account information, enabling them to further unlock the power of solutions and turn valuable knowledge into sales."

"With Mindjet Deal Navigator, we are addressing a major business challenge -- leveraging existing assets and providing a single environment that professionals can use to unify and organize diverse information," said Scott Raskin, CEO of Mindjet. "We're excited by early adoption of the product and the results customers are seeing surrounding planning, development, and creativity."

Mindjet Deal Navigator is available today in North America and the UK. Subscriptions start at $19 per month and volume discounts are available. Sign up for a free trial of Mindjet Deal Navigator at the AppExchange®.

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