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November 02, 2009 02:00 ET

Minex Update

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE                                                              2 NOV 09
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                                 PROGRESS UPDATE ON MINEX TECHNOLOGIES
World  Mining Services Limited (WMS), the Isle of Man based mineral products and services company,  is
pleased  to  provide an update on the progress of Minex Technologies Ltd ( "Minex" or  "the Company").
Minex  has a proprietary chloride vapour based process for extracting metals. WMS owns ten percent  of
Over  June  and July, a continuous test of two weeks duration was carried out on the Minex process  at
the  Research and Productivity Council (RPC) in Canada. The results of the continuous test  were  very
encouraging insofar as it extracted a very high percentage of the available metals, well over  80%  in
most  cases.  The in feed material was from a Southern African lead smelter which has high  levels  of
zinc  with  lesser levels of lead, copper and rare metals.  85% of the zinc and 90% of  the  lead  was
extracted and recovered.

Economic  success  was  gauged by the cost of the extraction and recovery of the  metals  representing
about  50% of the value of the metals extracted versus today's metals market value. The process itself
generates  a  great deal of heat. Minex has found that with many of the materials under  review,  once
primed,  the  extraction process is largely generating most of its own energy requirement.  The  waste
heat could be used to generate power.   During the process it was also identified that there were some
shortcomings  in  the construction of the pilot plant that lead to excessive wear of  the  plant  even
though toughened steel formed most of its construction.

Subsequent to these tests, it was discovered that the recovery levels during the continuous run had in
fact  been  much  higher than originally identified.  This means that the new recovery plant  requires
about 80% less energy and the process cost has dropped considerably.

After  reviewing  these test results, Minex's  management has decided to construct  the   pilot  plant
using  ceramic  coated  steel  in place of the hastelloy steel to improve  the  recovery  system.  The
improved pilot plant is almost complete and the commissioning will take place over the next few  weeks
with completion targeted by the end of January.   Minex is moving towards negotiating the installation
of  a  commercial  demonstration plant by the middle of 2010. This plant will operate  for  about  3-6
months and will be used as a "shop window "for interested parties.

The  sites being considered for the demonstration plant have stockpiles in excess of 15 million tonnes
with each potential project having a life greater than 10 years.

Mixex  has also been researching other potential applications and has identified interest in the areas
of steel waste and molybdenum.  Both could come on stream quickly once the current programme at RPC is

Management believes that the amount of smelter waste slag around the world is in excess of  1  billion
tonnes, and this slag is a rich source of metals and rare metals.  Slag stockpiles are growing and, in
some cases, they represent a serious environmental hazard. This slag area is also relatively untapped.
Consequently, management is targeting the Minex process at these situations.
The Directors of the issuer accept responsibility for this announcement.
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