National Research Council Canada-NRC

National Research Council Canada-NRC

June 12, 2015 10:31 ET

Minister Holder Announces Investment in Faster, Cheaper, Lighter, and Smarter Canadian Manufacturing

The National Research Council's Factory of the Future program will provide next-generation R&D support to Canadian manufacturers to create jobs and increase competitiveness

LONDON, ONTARIO--(Marketwired - June 12, 2015) - Increased competition from emerging economies in today's global marketplace means transforming Canadian manufacturing into factories of the future: faster, cheaper, lighter, smarter businesses able to create jobs, compete and win in global markets. To this end, the Honourable Ed Holder, Minister of State for Science and Technology, announced today an investment of up to $5 million to the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) in London, Ontario, as part of the Factory of the Future program.

The new program leverages the National Research Council's expertise, state-of-the-art infrastructure, and specialized equipment to assist Canadian manufacturers develop, adopt, and deploy new technologies and processes to produce high-quality, specialized manufactured goods at lower costs and in shorter time frames. NRC's facility in London will stimulate public-private partnership and provide Canadian companies with easy access to research and development support for additive manufacturing, advanced materials development, systems engineering and product and process validation.

By providing the tools and expertise Canadian firms need to overcome technology barriers and deploy innovative solutions, the Government of Canada is strengthening the Canadian manufacturing landscape. Canadian businesses can then continue to grow and prosper in an increasingly competitive global economy.

Quick Facts

  • The funding announced today is part of the $5.8-billion commitment toward public infrastructure announced by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in November 2014. Investments in Canada's public infrastructure improve productivity and quality of life, and create jobs, growth, and long-term prosperity from coast to coast to coast.
  • The Government of Canada established a long-term science, technology, and innovation strategy to remain competitive in the global marketplace and has committed $380 million for major repairs and upgrading of federal laboratories and research facilities.
  • Manufacturing is a critical sector in Canada: it employs approximately 1.5 million Canadians, including 30,000 in the London region, almost all of them in full-time jobs. Companies that adopt advanced manufacturing technologies and processes have a significant advantage in producing high value-added products and services.
  • The Factory of the Future is a program by the National Research Council that supports the competitiveness and prosperity of Canadian industries through the delivery of technologies and innovations needed to remain globally competitive in current and future markets.


"Canadian manufacturing is a critical part of our economy employing over 1.5 million Canadians in well-paying, mostly full-time work. In an increasingly competitive world, we need to provide Canadian manufacturers with the tools they need to be competitive if we want our communities to prosper. Factory of the Future will support Canadian manufacturers to move at the speed business by becoming faster, cheaper, lighter, and smarter. In so doing, Canadian manufacturers will compete and win in global markets, creating jobs and prosperity at home."

The Honourable Ed Holder, Minister of State (Science and Technology)

"London's economy and London's families depend on a strong, competitive manufacturing industry. Today's investment in NRC's Factory of the Future project will provide local manufacturers with access to next-generation R&D services like advanced materials development and new tools like 3D printing to ensure they stay productive."

Susan Truppe, Member of Parliament (London North Centre)

"This investment will increase NRC's capacity to provide industry with access to leading-edge expertise, facilities and equipment, and support Canada's economic growth and prosperity. With this investment, we will help businesses overcome their technology and innovation challenges and increase their competitiveness and growth in the marketplace."

John R. McDougall, President of the National Research Council of Canada

"It is difficult to go it alone in an increasingly competitive marketplace. NRC has proven to be an invaluable partner in our business, particularly when it comes to the development of new product applications. The Factory of the Future program will provide important resources to assist manufacturers stay in step with the rapid pace of change."

Ron Harris, President and Chief Executive Officer of Jones Packaging Inc.

"The Factory of the Future program will be a valuable resource for our region's advanced manufacturing sector, which employs over 30,000 people. Innovative new technologies, equipment, and expertise will help local manufacturers be competitive in the global marketplace."

Kapil Lakhotia, President and Chief Executive Officer of the London Economic Development Corporation

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Factory of the Future in London, Ontario

Manufacturing is critical to Canada's economy, accounting for 11 per cent of our gross domestic product (GDP) and employing approximately 1.5 million Canadians. In today's global marketplace, Canadian manufacturers face increased competition from emerging economies to produce high-quality, specialized manufactured goods at lower costs and in shorter time frames.

These pressures on Canada's manufacturing sector demand a transformation of present factories towards increasingly agile, reliable, and energy-efficient machinery to deliver service-oriented and specialized manufactured goods.

The Government of Canada recognizes that companies need to develop, adopt, and deploy advanced manufacturing technologies and processes to be more competitive in producing high value-added activities and products.

On November 24, 2014 the Prime Minister announced a $5.8-billion investment in infrastructure projects across the country, the majority to take place over the next three years. As part of this announcement, the National Research Council of Canada (NRC) received up to $5 million to upgrade its facility in London, Ontario as part of the Factory of the Future program.

The National Research Council's facilities in London will provide Canadian companies with access to enhanced research support related to the advancements in additive manufacturing, systems engineering and product development, and the development of advanced materials (composites, highly strong and lightweight materials).

These investments will strengthen the Canadian manufacturing landscape by giving Canadian companies access to state-of-the art technology, NRC expertise and support in advanced materials manufacturing, design and simulation, information and communication technologies, processes and systems. It will also assist Canadian firms in overcoming technology barriers, in de-risking the development of new technologies, and in deploying innovative solutions to complex technological problems. Particular emphasis will be placed on developing a skilled workforce, encouraging collaborative partnerships and cross-sector applications, and developing highly-agile, networked enterprises to be more competitive in the marketplace and able to grow in the global economy.

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