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Canadian Heritage

February 05, 2010 21:00 ET

Minister of State Lunn Takes Part in the Olympic Torch Relay in the Resort Municipality of Whistler

WHISTLER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Feb. 5, 2010) - The Honourable Gary Lunn, Minister of State (Sport), is taking advantage of the last days of the Olympic Torch Relay to join the residents of the Resort Municipality of Whistler in celebrating Canada's pride at hosting the 2010 Olympic Winter Games.

"We are barely a few days away from the opening of the Games, and this is the last lap of the Olympic Torch Relay," said Minister of State Lunn. "I am pleased to be able to share in the excitement with residents of the Resort Municipality of Whistler, at a time when the entire world is waiting impatiently for the start of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games."

The Torch Relay has travelled across the entire country and is now preparing to spark the enthusiasm of all Canadians in the last kilometres of its long route. When completed, the Torch Relay will have allowed 90 percent of Canadians to celebrate the arrival of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Winter Games, and to show their pride, their culture, and their spirit of celebration. In good weather and bad, the flame has lit up the entire country. And in exactly seven days, on February 12, 2010, it will officially mark the start of Canada's Games.

For more information on our Government's support for the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Torch Relay and the 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter Games, see the attached backgrounder and visit

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The Government of Canada, a major financial partner of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games, is committed to ensuring that the Games are a success and are managed prudently. It is also striving to maximize the investment of Canadians in the Games and in the Olympic Torch Relay.

Through its contribution and involvement in the Olympic Torch Relay, the Government of Canada is giving all Canadians across the country the opportunity to experience the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games by making them "Canada's Games." After making its way across the ocean from Greece to Victoria, British Columbia, the flame-carried by 12 000 torchbearers-will travel 45 000 kilometres from coast to coast to coast.

The Olympic Torch Relay will last 106 days and bring together the entire country as Canada prepares to welcome the 2010 Winter Games.

Did you know...?

- The Government of Canada has invested $22.5 million to ensure that more Canadians can take part in the Olympic Torch Relay all across the country and celebrate the arrival of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Games.

- The Resort Municipality of Whistler, along with several other communities in the province of British Columbia, received a grant from the Government of Canada to enhance their cultural programming so that Canadians in these regions could take part in an unforgettable ceremony and celebrate Canada's diverse culture and rich history.

- The Government of Canada made a financial contribution to setting up the project for the celebration communities' song. The song, written by world-renowned Canadian artist Gregory Charles, will be performed by local choirs in order to showcase local artists. This activity is a unique opportunity to rally Canadians across the country around a unique theme and to generate a sense of national pride.

- The Government of Canada will give the Resort Municipality of Whistler a commemorative plaque to mark the passage of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic Flame in this community. The Olympic Torch Relay route will be the longest domestic torch relay route in Olympic history, a legacy that will immortalize this moment in history for Canadians and citizens of the world for generations to come.

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