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March 07, 2005 16:52 ET

Mio's New GPS Pocket PC Puts North America in Users' Hand

Find Airports, ATMs, Lodging, Restaurants, Gas Stations, Tourist Spots and More with GPS Tracking Attention: Lifestyle Editor, Tech/Telecomm Editor FREMONT, CALIF.--(CCNMatthews - March 7, 2005) - Mio Technology Ltd., a leading worldwide vender of GPS Pocket PC's, today introduced to the North American market their latest addition to their GPS pocket PC's -- the Mio168RS. The new handheld device is a fully functional pocket PC featuring their newest mapping system that is fully interoperable with the built-in GPS antenna. As part of a worldwide launch, the Mio 168RS combines the reliability and accuracy of a Global Positioning System (GPS) built-in receiver and sophisticated, yet easy to use MioMap mapping software in a stylish slim pocket PC for a complete handheld navigation system. The palm size device is ideal for those who are on-the-go, need an inexpensive alternative for automobiles without GPS systems and anyone taking or planning a trip.

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The Mio168RS brings two worlds together to make life easier for travelers giving them a true personal assistant by combining a handheld GPS navigation system with features that come with a pocket PC and PDA. With Intel's Xscale 300 MHz processor and Microsoft's Pocket PC 2003 second edition, users can instantly power up the navigation software -- Microsoft's Pocket Outlook, Word, Excel, Media Player and Internet Explorer programs -- and easily synchronize data with a PC in the palm of their hand.

Ready to go from the box and instantly on with the touch of a button, the Mio168RS provides on the spot GPS satellite access, easy navigation, millions of points-of-interest (POI) and all of the features that come with today's pocket PC. While walking down the street or driving in a car, users can flip open the built-in antenna for GPS access and reliability offering comprehensive route planning and voice navigation. Point-to-point driving directions are given in both verbally and visually in real time as users are in route to their destination with turn-by-turn directions. Getting lost is hard because the Mio168RS automatically suggests alternative routes should a driver miss a turn, take the wrong road or experience unexpected detours. In the city, suburbs or in the country, the handheld device is continually updated for the Continental United States, Hawaii and Canada.

Handheld users also have the advantage commonly seen in today's sophisticated automobiles using GPS navigation but now have it on foot. Walking around in cities and getting around on foot couldn't be easier as a business person can also get directions and guidance visually and verbally (or through an earpiece) as they wind their way through busy crowds. Instead of carrying around large foldout maps and tour guides, unencumbered tourists can easily plan trips, highlight places of interest and get directions to historical landmarks, libraries, malls and more.

"No matter what town or city you're in, it's no longer unfamiliar territory," stated Michael Hsu, Marketing Manager for Mio Technology Ltd. "You don't have to settle for the first gas station, ATM or restaurant you see.

"With the GPS feature you get more than a map and directions, you also see: where you are, on what street or corner you're on, and which way to go removing a lot of guess work" Hsu continued.

For consumers who enjoy traveling or simply visiting friends, and wish to take important personal and work information with them as they do so, the Mio168RS is the ideal digital companion. View photos and videos in landscape or portrait on the 3.5" color transflective LCD display with LED backlighting and take advantage of what the Mio168RS offers by tracking and keeping appointments, seeing daily, weekly and monthly calendar events and follow up contacts activities among other features for a sophisticated assistant. The handheld device has a 32MB flash ROM and 64MB of SDRAM. For users that would like to take advantage of playing music and video, the Mio168RS also includes an SD/MMC expansion slot for additional storage capacity.

Price and Availability

Designed as a GPS navigation system, the Mio168RS requires no monthly subscription fees, installation or setup fees and is ready to use as a GPS navigation system the moment it arrives. Whether planning sales meetings across the country or the next summer vacation, arriving just got easier and more reliable conveying an enjoyable experience from doorstep to destination. The MSRP for the standard Mio168RS is $599. In the United States and Canada, the Mio168RS is available through partnerships found on the World Wide Web at: http://www.miogps.com/where2buy.htm. Specifications for the Mio168RS are available at: http://www.miogps.com/products_168RSspecs.htm.

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Mio Technology Ltd. (MTL) operations are worldwide. Foreseeing that the mobile lifestyle and mobile commerce will be mainstays of life in the near future, it is dedicated to the development of enabling devices. Its main business is the manufacture and sales of Mio DigiWalker(tm)-branded mobile communications products, such as smartphones, Pocket PCs, and handheld GPS systems.

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