February 15, 2007 14:34 ET

MIR3 Announces inWebServices Powered By MIR3 Intelligent Notification Program to Expand Global Enterprise Solutions

MIR3 Empowers Integrators and Developers to Deliver Global-Ready Applications With Innovative Proactive Messaging and Multiple-Language Support; MIR3 Debuts New inWebServices Powered by Intelligent Notifications™ Mark

SAN DIEGO, CA -- (MARKET WIRE) -- February 15, 2007 -- MIR3™, the technology leader in Intelligent Notification™ solutions for global enterprises, today launched an OEM marketing program for developers and integrators called inWebServices Powered by MIR3 Intelligent Notification™. Membership in the program will streamline the use of the MIR3 Application Programming Interface (API) and provide on-demand access to an API user group, API developer and technical support forums. MIR3 will also offer co-marketing assistance and an Intelligent Notification Solutions Directory, listing members' Web services-enabled solutions.

The Intelligent Notification Solutions Directory is aimed at energizing and formalizing a community of developers that are creating web services-based solutions to link emergency and routine notifications with business processes, databases, web services and workflows within an enterprise and across the corporate value chain.

MIR3 inWebServices is built on the SOAP 1.2-compliant XML J2EE standard. The program does not cost anything to join but registration is required. Developers and integrators can register for the program at

MIR3 empowers Integrators and Developers to deliver Global-Ready Applications with Innovative Proactive Messaging and Multiple-Language Support

Frank Mahdavi, MIR3 chief strategy officer, said, "We believe the program will enable members to explore new business models, expand their current offerings into global enterprises and importantly -- save development dollars. MIR3 has wide global deployment, used by some of the largest businesses across corporate functions such as sales and marketing, corporate communications, supply chain management and business continuity. The technology will bring an emergency-ready global notification capability into the web services arena for all program members."

MIR3 Debuts New inWebServices Powered by Intelligent Notifications™ Mark

In conjunction, MIR3 also launched the new inWebServices Powered by MIR3 Intelligent Notification™ logo, which identifies a wide range of web services solutions using the MIR3 API engine. As part of MIR3's co-marketing program, MIR3 licenses the logo to OEMs for placement in their qualified services, technology and marketing materials.

Frank Mahdavi added, "MIR3's technology and software product portfolio cover a wide array of functions from comprehensive global enterprise notification solutions to OEM developer solutions and related services, to individual applications that support specific market segments like emergency notification and community alerting. The new inWebServices Powered by Intelligent Notifications™ logo provides a way to easily identify those solutions built with MIR3's API engine."

About MIR3, Inc.

MIR3 is the technology leader in automated notification solutions for enterprise-wide communications and business continuity. MIR3's inWebServices™, inGovAlert™, inEnterprise™, inAlertCenter™ and inTechCenter™ are based on a versatile, rules-based notification platform that streamlines the dissemination of time-urgent information to and from any communications device. MIR3 is a privately held company headquartered in San Diego, Calif. Its customers include Belkin®, County of Orange - Calif., LA County Department of Health, ImpactWeather, Inc., and Homeland Security's National Medical Response Teams. The Company licenses its Intelligent Notification platform to a growing network of business partners. For more information contact 858-724-1248 or

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