November 13, 2007 10:25 ET

MIR3 Debuts TelAlert Offering for IT Professionals Using BlackBerry Devices

TelAlert 6e Service Pack 1 Adds, Extends and Enhances Critical Communication Capabilities in Third-Party Applications; TelAlert 6e Mobile Enables IT-Related Intelligent Notifications to Be Initiated and Managed Using Native Mobile BlackBerry and Microsoft Windows Mobile

SAN DIEGO, CA--(Marketwire - November 13, 2007) - MIR3™ (, the technology leader in Intelligent Notification (IN®) solutions for global enterprises, today announced the availability of Service Pack 1 (SP 1) for its TelAlert 6e product. Designed with the busy, mobile lives of IT professionals in mind, the Service Pack adds a Web Services component to the TelAlert® Alert Management Systems (AMS) Family. It also offers an optional TelAlert 6e mobile client that enables workers to receive notification of IT-related events and to rapidly respond from any location. The addition of Web Services and comprehensive support for mobile devices furthers MIR3's position as the de facto standard for notifying and resolving IT-related issues across the global enterprise.

Using TelAlert 6e SP 1, OEMs and system integrators can use a Web Services interface to develop or extend third-party applications with extensive notification capabilities. With the elective TelAlert 6e Mobile module, mobile IT workers can now use RIM® BlackBerry® and Microsoft Windows Mobile® instead of a fixed network connection to receive escalated messages (from other users or the network); read informational broadcasts; and respond to, update or close IT or Help Desk-related tickets.

TelAlert 6e SP 1 Builds Your SOA Proposition

TelAlert 6e's new functionality reduces development time and shortens time-to-market product launch schedules for ISVs and system integrators. New capabilities include:

--  Web Services support - TelAlert 6e SP 1 offers Web Services
    capabilities using the Simple Object Access Protocol (SOAP) to enable
    integration with enterprise portals and other applications. This API allows
    exchange of data into and from TelAlert 6e and other applications that
    require the ability to quickly and efficiently notify individuals or groups
    about an urgent event or a business issue.
--  TelAlert Web Services are delivered in a developer-friendly package
    that is immediately useful to software engineers whether they use Java,
    .NET or another programming environment.
--  Web Services allow applications to take full advantage of the
    modularity and reusability of the TelAlert 6e SOA stack, taking enterprise
    Service Oriented Architecture off of the drawing-board and into production
    for an immediate business payback.

TelAlert 6e Mobilizes Intelligent Notifications

TelAlert 6e Mobile lets designated individuals send Intelligent Notifications about critical IT events to relevant employees directly through a company's RIM BlackBerry Enterprise Server (BES) and also to other common PDA platforms, including Microsoft Windows Mobile.

In addition to native portable mobility, TelAlert 6e Mobile offers these benefits:

--  Synchronization - TelAlert 6e Mobile is a native mobile device
    application that uses the robust processing environment of a PDA to
    synchronize TelAlert messages when the network is accessible.
--  Reliable, two-way incident-response capabilities - Every character and
    field of a notification is preserved and transmitted, including identifying
    data, priority, ticket ID and menu of responses.
--  Mobile security and speed - TelAlert 6e Mobile uses a leased key
    system that will obfuscate stored data within misplaced or lost PDAs and a
    compression system that speeds synchronization speeds by an average factor
    of 10:1.
--  Network independence - TelAlert 6e Mobile gives instant access to all
    applications to traveling and field workers, even when they are away from
    wireless coverage.
--  A dedicated notification applet - TelAlert 6e Mobile separates mission-
    critical business process notification from the general mass of email and
    unstructured text messages, ensuring that important escalations are acted
    upon within the time-window, rather than delayed, lost or ignored.

"IT staffs are the ultimate multi-taskers. Whether troubleshooting a problem, training a new user or installing and testing a new device, they are rarely at their desks," said Michael Riordan, director of product development at MIR3. "Mobile devices are often the only real option for IT experts during an emergency, in meetings or on travel assignments. At MIR3 we believe that Intelligent Notification solutions have to respond to the mobility of IT personnel, so we've designed TelAlert 6e with the best available mobile options."

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