March 28, 2007 02:10 ET

MIR3 Intelligent Notification Unveils Industry-First Global Emergency Notification System

'Anywhere Enterprise' Features Preferred Call Routing, Incident Management and Topic Subscription; MIR3 Accelerates inWebServices Powered by MIR3 Intelligent Notification™ Initiative With PHP Toolkit

ORLANDO, FL -- (MARKET WIRE) -- March 28, 2007 -- DRJ CONFERENCE -- MIR3™, the technology leader in Intelligent Notification™ (IN) solutions for global enterprises, today introduced a first-of-a-kind global emergency notification system at this week's Disaster Recovery Journal (DRJ) Spring World 2007 conference in Orlando, Florida. MIR3's new Intelligent Notification v2.8 introduces technologies developed directly for the global outbound notification requirements of Global 500 petroleum, financial and consumer-product companies. Designed to make critical emergency and non-emergency communications of multi-national companies private, more efficient and cost effective, MIR3's Intelligent Notification v2.8 now includes preferred routing, incident management, topic subscription and multi-language support, among others.

--  The preferred routing feature works in concert with geo-dispersed MIR3
    telephony and application servers to reduce operating costs and protect
    data privacy via tighter control over global telephony routes.
--  Incident management offers better visibility into events that threaten
    continuity of operations throughout all business units of the company, no
    matter where they are located.
--  Topic subscription increases productivity and information sharing by
    enabling individuals to easily keep abreast of job-relevant, critical
    events outside their local sphere of operation.
--  Integrated multi-language features enable Global 500 companies to meet
    the communication challenges of international operations and government
    agencies to communicate with non-English speaking employees, customers,
    partners and citizens during emergency situations in their native language.
"The largest corporations in the world have driven the latest developments of version 2.8," said Amir Moussavian, president and CEO at MIR3. "This represents an important step toward a complete set of global emergency and non-emergency notification and management tools."

According to Ken Landoline, program manager for Yankee Group's enterprise research group, "We believe that the next two to three years will bring an explosion of growth in the intelligent notification segment of the enterprise market. MIR3's technology platform, already proven in many Global 100 companies in terms of scalability, reliability and protocol independence, makes it an ideal offering for enabling the vision of an 'anywhere enterprise' requiring ubiquitous connectivity."

MIR3's enterprise-grade technology bridges the gap between all standard forms of communication to enable high-speed two-way communications to tens of thousands of users and devices across all modalities, including email, wireless pager, PDA, landline, mobile phone, satellite phone, TTY, fax and two-way SMS. MIR3's notification capabilities can also be used for routine high-volume messaging and all-purpose broadcasting such as administrative notices to employees, messages for coordinating staffing and schedules, and delivering important, auditable information to customers.

New PHP Toolkit Demonstration Accelerates inWebServices Powered by MIR3 Intelligent Notification Initiative

"Our new multi-language online demonstration created with our inWebServices PHP Toolkit brilliantly shows the unlimited deployment possibilities for Intelligent Notification by Web developers worldwide," Moussavian added. "Our inWebServices Powered by MIR3 Intelligent Notification initiative has been received enthusiastically by the OEM and system integration communities. With the release of our inWebServices PHP Toolkit to Web developers, we have accelerated the adoption of two-way, interactive, multi-modal communication into every business unit all over the globe."

The MIR3 IN platform is powered by inWebServices, an advanced technology built on the SOAP 1.2 compliant XML J2EE standard. This API, which is also available for downloading from the MIR3 Web site, allows the MIR3 IN platform to integrate with a wide variety of third-party enterprise systems supporting Web Services and Service Open Architecture. For complete information on integration with the MIR3 IN platform and the inWebServices Powered by MIR3 Intelligent Notification™ initiative, please click on

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