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April 22, 2013 12:00 ET

Mira Showers Lifts the Lid on Briton's Cleansing Habits

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM--(Marketwired - April 22, 2013) - Everyone has their own routine for washing and showering, and a survey by Mira Showers shed some light on the secret shower habits of Britain. Half the population admitted that sometimes they wouldn't wash for more than three days and the place that is most regularly forgotten about when washing is behind the ears. The majority of Britons said they would opt to wash their hair and underarms rather than their behind, and to make sure that not a drop of shampoo or conditioner is wasted, 60% will rinse out bottles before throwing them away.

A gender divide starts to appear once the bathroom door has been locked.

  • 53% of men are happy to avoid showering for longer than three days, whereas only 43% of women would do this.
  • 31% of men have previously left showering for more than four days.
  • Men are more likely to run out of shampoo, although 75% of women have more than five bottles of products in the shower, compared with only 53% of men.
  • Women are most likely to wash their hair first, whereas men opt to scrub their underarms.

39% of Britons start by washing their hair when they jump into the shower. Faces follow this, with 24% of people, and 20% choose to wash their underarms first. Only 3% begin with washing their backside, although interestingly, if they could only wash one body part in the shower, 24% of Brits said bottoms. Underarms were the top choice at 30% and hair followed at a close second at 29%, but this answer varied depending on age, sex and location. Northern Ireland came out as the grubbiest group, with 62% admitting that they have gone for three days or more without having a bath or shower. Scots came out on top, with only 37% confessing to going for three days or more.

Does older mean wiser?

  • The younger generation may have the highest number of products in their showers, but they are also the group that are able to go for the longest without a wash.
  • 73% of the over 65s admitted that they rinsed out bottles before throwing them away to make sure nothing is wasted.
  • 18-24 and 25-34 year olds choose to put their immediate appearance first, choosing to wash their locks first, rather than more intimate areas.
  • Those aged 54+ opted instead to wash their backside first.

Age, gender and location all played a part in the survey by Mira Showers.

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