Miranda Technologies Inc.

Miranda Technologies Inc.

April 05, 2012 05:39 ET

Miranda Launches End-To-End Loudness Monitoring, Logging and Correction Solutions at NAB

MONTREAL, QUEBEC--(Marketwire - April 5, 2012) - Miranda Technologies Inc. (TSX:MT), a worldwide provider of infrastructure, playout and monitoring systems for the television broadcast, cable, satellite and IPTV industry, today announced the launch of its end-to-end loudness monitoring, logging and correction solutions for both automatic, real-time processing during playout and file-based pre-processing prior to air.

"With over 7000 channels of real-time automatic loudness correction deployed worldwide, Miranda is a recognized industry leader in providing unique integration of the leading loudness algorithms," says Marco Lopez, Miranda's senior vice president of Infrastructure, Routers and Monitoring. "This allows a broadcaster to perfectly match the loudness correction to its type of content."

Three new loudness-related advancements will be unveiled at NAB 2012. First, is the introduction of segment-aware loudness monitoring and logging to the Kaleido series multiviewers and the real-time loudness correction processors. Using Miranda's iControl system, broadcasters can now accurately log the average loudness per segment, enabling easy creation of detailed reports at a later date, thus enabling them to address loudness control regulations around the world, including the Calm Act in the USA.

Secondly, because the abundance of content, including most commercials, is now file-based, broadcasters can now monitor and correct content prior to playout, using Miranda's Enterprise Suite. This file-based processing provides effective loudness correction while maintaining the full dynamic range of the original content.

Finally, Miranda is introducing Intelligent Automatic Loudness Correction, which enables broadcasters to avoid audio quality problems associated with the unnecessary processing of content that has already been through loudness correction. Through tight integration between Miranda's file-based and real-time loudness correction solutions, customers can automatically turn on and off loudness correction. For example, if a commercial has already been processed using file-based loudness correction, Miranda's real-time processor will instantly detect that this content was already corrected and will turn off the automatic loudness correction. Intelligent Automatic Loudness Correction ensures that content will never be double processed, maximizing the audio quality of the client's programming.

As Lopez, explained, "This end-to-end solution optimizes loudness processing for different types of content ensures that the highest audio quality is achieved by only performing loudness correction once, and gives you all the tools to monitor, log, and report the average loudness per segment for all of your channels. Loudness control is not just about compliance, it's also about preventing viewers from reaching for their remotes to adjust the volume. As everyone is all too aware, that remote can also tune the television to a competitor's channel."

Miranda is exhibiting at NAB 2012, Booth N2512. See www.miranda.com/NAB2012 for more information about Miranda's latest solutions.

Picture: http://www.miranda.com/imgs/press/Kaleido-Solo/Kaleido-Solo.hi.jpg

Caption: Miranda's Kaleido-Solo loudness monitoring and logging system is a key component of its new end-to-end, loudness monitoring, logging and correction solution

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