Miro Zecevic

August 26, 2011 12:04 ET

Miro Zecevic Consults Companies in Secondary Markets Allowing Issuers to Jump-Start Their Stock's Illiquidity

MISSISSAUGA, ONTARIO--(Marketwire - Aug. 26, 2011) - Miro Zecevic, www.mirozecevic.com financial and public relations consultant recently launched www.liquidstox.com, website dedicated to block trades of illiquid stocks with accredited investors using secondary markets.

Mr. Zecevic currently acts as a consultant with several non-reporting OTC ("Pink Sheet") companies. These issuers commonly suffer from lack of investor awareness and overall public interest in the stock, resulting in the stocks' illiquidity, making raising capital in small-cap arena near to impossible.

To solve the "initial capital injection" issue, Mr. Zecevic created www.liquidstox.com to meet these issuers' need to raise capital. Using secondary markets (here, the "secondary" liquidity is represented by block trades between the company and the accredited investors, facilitated away from the central exchanges), the companies may raise capital without issuing debt or holding a secondary offering, while protecting the retail investors with trading restrictions on these block stock trades, ergo no immediate dilution. At the same time, companies use a part of the raised funds to create public investor awareness and primary liquidity to accommodate all of its investors.

"This is a win-win-win all the way around. The initial step supercharges the public small-caps with financial infusion for growth, while marketing creates awareness programs to raise interest of the retail investors, and increases the primary liquidity into which the block of restricted stock can be slowly sold off to retail investors without damaging the price per share and the investors." Stated Mr. Zecevic and continued. "We have been testing this program for several years now. Some of the initial long-term, 12-18 months, clients who used this model to start trading and grow their business have been on their own and without IR representation for almost a year, and their stocks are still well-traded today. Liquid Stox is a great way to jump-start the growth phase of any small cap company."

For more information regarding www.liquidstox.com and the opportunities to raise capital using secondary markets, contact Liquid Stox @ 1-888-235-8919; leave a comment @ http://www.mirozecevic.com/ or contact directly Miro Zecevic, ++1-416-597-8884, mair@minamargroup.com.

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