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September 28, 2016 09:30 ET

Miryal®: Organic Probiotic Soil Discovery Could Change Industry

Startling Discovery Means Living Product Can Remain Alive After Packaging for Two Years for Widespread Applications

TORONTO, ON--(Marketwired - September 28, 2016) - A revolution in agriculture, horticulture, land restoration and forestry are just a few of the industries facing transformation with one of the most important organic, probiotic soil discoveries ever harnessed.

Miryal® consists of rich, live probiotics called mycorrhizae which help up to 95 per cent of all plant species adopt strategies to exist in the stressful environments that surround them.

The benefits of mycorrhizae were uncovered in the literature by Kim Thompson, owner of Greenbank Garden Centre. She worked with leading Canadian soil scientist Dr. Peter Moutoglis of BioSyneterra Solutions Inc. in Quebec, and Dr. Leanne Philip of Soil Advocates Inc. in Ontario. Moutoglis' innovation led to a living product that remains active after packaging for up to two years. Once applied, Miryal® continues to grow with their partner plants. This was a dramatic leap forward that now opens the door to a wide array of uses for Miryal®, according to Dr. Leanne Philip. Not only will it revolutionize industries, Miryal® will make these sectors sustainable as climate change continues. She likens plant root systems treated with Miryal® to "major transportation and social media networks working synergistically below ground."

Miryal® is an environmentally friendly, sustainable product in which mycorrhizal organisms grow in close contact with plant roots. It catalyzes the development of root branching and extensions of whole root systems allowing for greater access to soil resources for the plant. In return, the mycorrhizae receive what they need from the plant for their own energy and reproduction forming a mutually beneficial partnership. The discovery of the plant probiotic has opened the door for a wide array of uses.

These include:

  • significantly reducing or even eliminating the need for synthetic fertilizers and pesticides
  • increasing the plant's resilience to disease and harsh climatic conditions, such as drought and water conservation practices
  • creating sustainable increased food production in large scale agriculture and for home gardeners with a onetime application
  • making wetland and park restoration possible for city planners and builders
  • nourishing high traffic depleted soils in urban areas, from boulevards to recreation fields to multi-purpose greenspaces

Despite the buzz of excitement for this new, organic product that actually helps the earth instead of harming it, Greenbank Garden Centre owner, Kim Thompson, has it priced at the retail level a few dollars less than her most inexpensive synthetic fertilizers.

"Our main focus was to provide Miryal® to help the environment," says Thompson. "Fate has had a hand in all of this and we know the environment desperately needs it. We're ready to work with individuals who want to improve their gardens naturally, right up to growers, arborists, farmers and municipalities that are looking for large-scale use."

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